Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Slap Shots for February 8, 2006

Circus Time

Anyone who watched the so-called Memorial service for Coretta Scott King surely noticed that rather than being a celebration of her life, the leftists in attendance managed to turn it into a political circus. Rather than speak of her life, or of the path that she walked and struggles that she faced, former President Carter set the tone by launching into personal attacks on President Bush. Others, all liberals (aka leftists, progressives, Democrats), followed suit. Instead of the focus being on Mrs. King, the proceedings became a political freak show featuring one liberal after another attacking Bush and striving for face time in front of the cameras. Any mention of Mrs. King was only as an afterthought.

Folks here in Minnesota probably are not surprised that this solemn occasion was usurped by the political slime. We saw this first hand at what was supposed to be a memorial for Paul Wellstone.

This was nothing more than a collection of pathetic losers so desperate to regain power over the American people that they are willing to use any event at any time to try and further their goals. They can not even put aside their obsession with power long enough to attend a memorial service for a fine woman. Simply pathetic.

Isn't it time for losers like Carter to shut up, go away and leave the rest of us alone? We don't need you to preach to us, especially when you do not practice what you preach. We do not need you to care for us or tell us how to live our lives. You are an embarrassment to the rest of America.

We don't need you. Please go away.


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