Saturday, February 18, 2006

Slap Shots for February 18, 2006

Illegal Immigration Has Nothing To Do With Race

Let's talk about racism, in particular who the so-called race card is used to stifle free and open discussion of important issues and cover up a plethora of problems.

Speak out and demand that all immigrants use the legally established processes to gain entry to the United States and you will be branded a "racist" since most illegal immigrants are Hispanic. Never mind that there are serious security problems that affect all Americans, regardless of race, brought on by illegal immigration.

Security consists of much more than guarding against terrorist sneaking across the border in the dead of the night. Blocking the introduction of diseases into our country is a security issue. Stopping the flow of illegal drugs is a security issue. Halting the traffic in human flesh is a security issue. But none of these serious issues matter to those who defend illegal immigration. Lacking any logical reason to support their position, they resort to labeling the rest of us as "racists".

Just because the majority of illegal immigrants are Hispanic does not make this a racial issue. Millions of Hispanics have come to America using legal avenues. Isn't it high time that we ignore the name calling and demand a frank and honest discussion of the problems we all face due to the unfettered flow of illegal immigrants of any race or nationality?.

Is it too much to ask that immigrants walk proudly through the front door instead of sneaking though the basement window like a thief in the night?


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