Friday, April 28, 2006

Senate Majority Leaders Survey

Undoubtedly, some of you have received the "Senate Majority Leader's Survey", a thinly veiled fund raising effort. The survey contains several questions with tailored answers and concludes with both hands reaching deep into your pocket. A careful reading of the document males it clear that the only response that will be read is the one regarding how much loot they have extracted from you.

Since we do not support any political party nor will we ever donate a single penny to any member of either the Republican or Democratic parties, there is no sense in sending in my survey. But I would still like to pass my opinion on to the Senator and his cronies.

For starters, maintaining a Republican majority in Congress is a waste of time. All we the people have gained from the current majority is the continuing erosion of individual freedom and local government control and a massive increase in spending for pork projects. The truth is that it does not matter which party controls Congress - both sides live only for their own power and make it happen by robbing the taxpayer blind.

The primary issue today is not maintaining Republican control of Congress Senator Frist - it is making Congress respond to the will of the majority of the American citizens. For instance, the overwhelming majority of American citizens oppose any form of amnesty for illegal criminal aliens and yet Congress continues to attempt to shove amnesty down our throats.

Next come taxes. The Republicans currently hold the majority in both Houses and yet can not make the last round of cuts permanent. This is just one more issue where the majority has been ineffective if not downright cowardly. Use the majority you currently have to make the tax cuts permanent and you will gain support from people, it really is that simple.

One final point, Senator Frist, you, your President and your party have acted in the most cowardly fashion imaginable. You have betrayed the trust the voters placed in you and done your level best to give away this country to anyone who will support your re-election. You have betrayed your oaths of office and have turned your back on our Christian beliefs. You are not worthy of the office that you hold. Were any of you, regardless of your party, people of true character, you would resign and go home in disgrace never again darkening our collective doorways.


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