Monday, May 08, 2006

My Response to Michael DuHaime: One More Poll Comment the RNC Will Ignore

Recently GOP election wonk Michael DuHaime sent out an e-poll in an e-mail to the rank-and-file pretending to care about what the rank-and-file thinks. Since the e-mail was designed to block cutting and pasting of text into the comments field I was not able to paste in my blog article
"Why I'm Done With Political Parties, Especially the RNC."
Even the "delete" key wouldn't work so that editing one's note was as painful as possible. Nice. Apparently the party is soooo desperate to get our feedback they made sure we could only send the text we could type out in one setting with no editing. Facing that limitation I submitted the following text instead:

"This is my last year as a registered Republican. From now on I will be an Independent sending my contributions directly to the candidates I want to support and letting the others fend for themselves.

Firstly, I'm tired of a party that worships Carl Rove as an election strategist god when it was the grass-roots groups like the Swifties that saved the President's election. Polls clearly showed the President was going to lose before these groups saved the campaign. The very groups the President mocked and distanced himself from during the election campaign are the people that got and kept him elected. Only nine months later was there a half-hearted barely-mentioned admission by the RNC that the Swifties and others had "helped" save the day. I won't support that kind of obnoxious arrogance with either my time or money.

Secondly, overall the RNC is not the party of constructionalist conservatism it claims to be. It's not even close. There is no functional difference on spending and defending our Constitutional rights compared to the DNC. Both parties are tax-and-spend parties that constantly expand the role of government in our lives while taking away our liberties. Oh sure, there are some "pet" issues the RNC defends that the DNC doesn't and vice versa, but that's just a difference in marketing to collect contributions and activate their bases. In the end the voter loses his rights and his money.

Thirdly, the RNC has deliberately and blatantly ridiculed it's voter base while committing un-Constitutional actions such as No Child Left Behind (the Federal government has _no_ Constitutional authority over education) and the illegal alien amnesty the President called for in both of his terms. Even worse, the RNC base is told to "tone down" (shut up) when it demands the Administration do its Constitutional duty by defending the borders and removing/punishing the illegals. If President Roosevelt could abuse his power by interning most Japanese Americans, why can't President Bush use his Constitutionally appropriate authority to find and remove illegal immigrants some of which are known terrorists? The answer is simple, he doesn't want to. In fact, his actions show he wants to merge the American continent into one borderless economic collective as called for by many international
organizations. Why would I support _this_ with my time or money?

The issue here isn't why I'm leaving the party, it's about why the party left me. I'm at least honest enough to recognize the truth and act accordingly. Maybe someday I'll be back when the RNC has enough character and honesty to practice what it preaches, acting like real conservatives first...and asking for money second."

American Iron


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