Tuesday, May 16, 2006

There are other ways to solve the Illegal Immigration problem

There were no surprises in President Bush's speech to the nation last night. The sole topic was illegal criminal immigration and his plans for dealing with the situation. As expected, the President continued to buck the will of the majority of American citizens.

We would like to take a few moments of your time to both respond to the President's plan as well as to suggest what we think would be a fair solution.

The President's 5 point plan is nothing but more smoke, mirrors and lies from a polpig. It is the same basic package that he, along with the Senate Elites, have been trying to shove down the throats of the American citizens for years. Despite new verbage, it will do nothing to secure our border with Mexico. For instance, the decision to actually deploy the National Guard or any of the hi tech toys Bush mentioned would be left to the governor of each state. Perhaps the President has
forgotten that the border between the United State and Mexico is a Federal border and that the protection of that border is a Federal responsibility, one of the few actual jobs assigned to the Federal government by the Founders.

The President also calls for a tamper-proof national ID card for so-called guest workers. Perhaps the President is smoking dope and hasn't noticed but reality is that there is no such thing as "tamper proof". Simply ask the credit card companies, the IRS, the security administrators of compromised government run networks and those Federal agents charged with tracking down those that forge documents and currency. But what this proposal will do is make it easier to further eliminate personal freedom and privacy by taking the next step and implementing a national ID for everyone.

Securing the border is a valid reponsibility of the federal government but will not solve this problem folks. The solution must go much further.

Eliminate all benefits for non-citizens. Remove the economic incentive for illegals and you will remove part of the reason for sneaking across the border in the first place.

Provide employers with a fast and accurate way to verify the status of foreign applicants. Make it easy and cost effective for a an employer to verify that the green card is indeed valid. If the employer still insists upon hiring illegals, impose heavy fines and if need be, jail time. Prosecuting employers without providing them real validation assistance is both unfair and stupid.

Instant deportation of any illegal criminal alien caught within our borders.

Implement a Guest Worker program but only after it has been demonstrated that Mexico has taken effective action to stop the flow from their side.

Change the Federal law that allows children born to illegal criminal aliens on US soil to automatically become a US citizen. Only children born to current citizens should be given this privilege.

Make it illegal for any local government to hamper or deter the enforcement of immigration law. No more looking the other way or establishing safe-zones.

Require all voters to provide a validated photo id before being allowed to vote.

Every so often reality rears it's ugly head. In this case, the reality is that simply trying to close off a 2000 mile long border is just not possible unless you are willing to use deadly force. Even then, massive walls do not always work as the communists learned with the Berlin Wall.

This problem needs more than heated rhetoric and polpig games. It is not going to be resolved with actions that affect only the border states. It will require a comprehensive set of actions taken by all 50 states as well as the Federal government.

America is a nation founded by immigrants, legal immigrants. They gave up everything and came to this country not to make a few bucks and then sneak back home but to start a new life and to become American citizens. They played the game by the rules and did not expect or demand special treatment. Allowing 12 million illegal criminal aliens to reap the benefits of life in America from their criminal actions is an insult to all of those who came here legally and followed the rules.

Our doors are always wide open to those who want to come and share the American Dream. It is not too much to ask that the immigrants proudly come in through the front door instead on sneaking in like a thief in the dark.


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