Monday, May 15, 2006

Illegal Immigration: Bush's Last Stand

Tonight, May 15, 2006, President Bush will address the nation on the topic of illegal aliens. The fact that the President is taking the extraordinary step of presenting his case directly to the American people should tell us that he knows his plans are held in very low esteem by the citizens of the United States, the very people George Bush is supposed to be representing.

Early leaks and rumors indicate the President will announce the placement of 5,000 National Guard troops on our borders with Mexico. These troops will not be given the authority to arrest illegal aliens or to do much more than stand around and look pretty in their uniforms. It is also fairly certain that the President will continue to try to shove his grossly unpopular amnesty program down the throat of the U.S.

We will undoubtedly hear how the illegal aliens are doing the jobs that Americans won't do. This folks, is nothing more than a pack of lies. There are no jobs that Americans won't do - only employers who exploit illegal aliens to hold down the wages they pay.

We will hear how we are a nation of immigrants. This is true, our great nation has always benefitted from LEGAL immigration and hopefully always will. What is happening today has nothing to do with legal immigration and is an insult to all of those who left their homes to come to America to build a new life not as some hyphenated American but simply as an American.

We will hear about the humanitarian reasons for amnesty and a guest worker program. Few would argue against humanitarian reasons for supporting immigration but is it so damned much to ask that the immigration be through accepted legal avenues?

We will hear statements from our President designed to placate the feelings of the Mexico's ruler V. Fox. Many of us will wish that our President cared as much about what we - the taxpaying citizens of this country - want.

Assuming that this massive PR push by President Bush goes as expected, I would to go on record right now as calling for the impeachment of President Bush. Bear in mind that is coming from a very staunch conservative, proudly unaffiliated with ANY political party, who is simply tired of the lies and deceit that pours our of the Washington DC Beltway from both major political parties.

Impeachment should not be limited to the President. All members of Congress who support this guest work and amnesty lunacy should also be removed from office with no delay. If our elected leaders are unwilling to take the steps necessary to fulfill their obligation to protect our borders, then they should be removed from office. Said another way, either do the damned the job or go away and let someone else who actually cares about America take on the task.


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