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Answering a Key Question on D-Day: "Did veterans sacrifice for this?"

In his article (READ) Mychal Massie asks, "Did those men and women [veterans] give their lives so that the Dixie Chicks could curse America? Did those men and women sacrifice their lives for the likes of Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover, et al., to condemn America? Did they die that carrion like Harry Belafonte and Louis Farrakhan could condemn America, while holding audience with brutal dictators such as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez?"

I have an answer for him.

My dad is a WWII Army Air Corp vet and has been saying the same thing since Hanoi Jane first danced before a camera. This is the same man that used to wake up screaming in the middle of the night tearing at his pajamas trying to eject from the burning planes in his nightmares. I will never forget hearing those soul-wrenching screams in the dark as a small boy and wondering what he witnessed to be haunted by such terrors. What could make the strong tall man in the next room who could pop an apple in two pieces with the flick of a wrist so afraid so easily? Even more so, what kind of man gets back into a plane day after day when that nightmare is their real life? Yet, to Jane and the others he was a selfish bigoted white man bent on spreading American imperialism around the world. Her kind called him a foolish slave to big corporations and special national interests. Perhaps if he had dined on the right French lettuce in a Hollywood bistro Jane and her friends would have cut him more slack.

As a child it was easy for me to see through the lies of Jane and her friends by having such a father. He didn't talk about peace, he helped create it and knew first-hand its price. He lived peace in his daily life and business dealings. He spoke with authority as one who had been there, not as a campus or celebrity "intellectual" spewing their latest theories on capitulation theology. Now as a father myself with 45 years of witnessed history behind me it's even easier to see through the Left's lies. I share my father's message with my children accordingly. His painfully-won lessons of peacemaking will be passed on and on.

Dad's now at the VA home, near deaf from endless hours of aircraft engine droning, a fused spine from a wartime plane crash that almost killed him and has given him pain for 60 years, and suffering dementia from war trauma and head injuries. He was finally discharged in 1946, yet the war never ended for vets like him.

While he can no longer speak effectively to me, I tell him I love him, thank him for being a patriot, and hug him for I know the truth about such patriot peacemakers. I know that even before I was born he was fighting to protect me from the Hanoi Janes of this world who wore Nazi Duce or Imperial uniforms. He was willing to die rather than let such people invade America. He never dreamed that such people would be so successful at efforts to take over America from within. It will be a blessing if he passes before their ultimate victory.

Did he sacrifice for free speech? Yes. Freedom of speech is the protection of unpopular speech. It's the check and balance system of ideas that prevents group-think and intellectual stagnation. However, to the Left freedom of speech is the freedom to criticize patriots like my father and spew hatred for traditionally-American values. It's the freedom to hate and condemn your political opponents without question as a sub-human plague. It's intellectual tyranny of the worst kind.

Did he sacrifice for such people to take over our culture and government? Hell no. These people have no idea what it takes to maintain a free society and the true price that's been paid for it so far. They are full of "spirituality" yet they have no thanks or appreciation for the Jeudeo-Christian beliefs on which our Constitution was founded, nor the prayers said by the men in landing craft approaching Normandy (where my uncle died), or the cockpits in which my father wondered if he'd ever see my mother again. If he could, my father would tell you that when it comes to peacemaking or leadership positions in our society, rich spoiled undereducated dogmatic adult brats with no real-world experience need not apply. Unrealistic fools are not peacemakers, they are just foolish.

American Iron


Blogger RStar23 said...

Thanks American Iron for sharing this tribute to your Dad with us.

You can't help but wonder if would do it again?

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell your father "thanks" please

11:38 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Veterans fought in wars to protect AMerican and protect the freedoms and right of American citizens. It appears that in the first paragraph that you do not feel that any opposing views to your own should be expressed. Fortunately, in a free society, citizens are allowed to condemn their elected leaders and doing so keeps those very elected officials in check.

11:01 AM  
Blogger RStar23 said...

Sorry if you get that impression, it was not intended.

Of course all Americans have a right to express their point of view. At the same time we also have the right to react to those comments.

If anything, this piece is pointing out that what we most often hear are the opinions of so-called celebrities and not from the folks who fought the battles that secured the freedom to speak your mind. Is the opinion of Jane Fonda, who has lead a life of charmed grace and wealth, worth more then the opinion of the grunt who fought in the war?

BTW - if you read the first paragraph you will notice that it is a quote from Mychal Massie.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell your Dad another 'Thank you!'

9:38 AM  

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