Monday, June 11, 2007

Murderapolis Reborn

Charze Jones, 14, is dead, murdered in cold blood as she left a high school graduation party Sunday. She was the 25th murder victim in Minneapolis this year.

Murderapolis is back folks.

While city officials tell the citizens that the problems aren't getting worse, an innocent 14 year old girl is dead - murdered in cold blood [read more].

While city officials and the invisible mayor R.T. Rybek try to force choo choo trains and rooftop hanging gardens on top of city buildings, people are being killed.

While the city councils wrestles with the weighty issue of panhandling. people are being killed.

While city officials spend taxpayer money on cultural diversity, citizens are being killed.

How about Mr. Mayor and City Council? Do any of you have a clue or are you hoping that a new choo choo train will make things right or that the hanging gardens on city hall will convert stone cold gangbangers into choirboys?

In the best of worlds, government leaders would make decisions based on the law and the best interest of the entire city. In actuality, these decisions are made based upon CASH. He who spreads the most cash, wields the most influence. It is all to common to equate big money resources with big businesses, unions and a small handful of wealthy folks. This thinking misses a key point - the largest source of cash is we the people.

Consider the following: if for a little while the majority of folks decided to not spend any money in downtown Murderapolis in protest of the crime, what do you think the result would be? How long do you think it would be before panicked business owners and civic leaders began beating down the doors of city hall demanding that something be done to effectively attack crime in all of Murderapolis?

We the people can also play a large part in attacking crime but cooperating with the local cops. Come forward with the information that helps to remove brutal killers from the streets. Call 911 when you see something that looks wrong. It is your neighborhood, your home, your kids that are being killed. Isn't it time that you took an active and forceful part in resolving the problems?


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