Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Socialist State of Minnesota

We here in Minnesota thought we were electing a somewhat conservative Republican governor. The joke's on us.

In the finest tradition of socialist politicians, Gov. Pawlenty is now telling folks that he will support a nickel per gallon increase in the state gas tax supposedly to be used to rebuild the I35 bridge [READ MORE]. Since no tax ever goes away, one has to wonder what the additional gas tax will used to finance once the bridge is completed? What ever it may be, the odds are good that it will be anything BUT our roads and bridges.

Minnesota has a budget surplus of over 2 BILLION dollars. The Feds are going to pay for most of the rebuilding of the I35 bridge. We have money to build the comical light rail system that runs from downtown to the Mall of America and back again. We have money to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Twins. We have money (from transportation funds) to build even more choo-choos. When the Feds sent us transportation money, rather than spend it for bridges and roads, our esteemed "leaders" choose to spend it on a choo-choo train that has had almost no positive impact on traffic congestion.

Minnesota does not need a new gas tax nor do we need a special session of the tax and spend state legislature. However, our newly converted socialist governor has other ideas. Somehow the supposedly fiscally conservative governor seems bound and determined to add to our already heavy tax load.

I am sad to say that I have supported Gov. Pawlenty in the past. But that ain't gonna happen again.


Anonymous AntiElf said...

The lack of priorities reminds me of New Orleans... they get federal money and whatnot for levies, but what happened? The polpigs "redirected" the funds and all they had was substandard thing. Big hurricane comes and they don't hold.

I'm comparing the misdirection of monies, not the two events (in case those reading think I'm comparing a bridge collapse to the devastation of a hurricane).

7:51 PM  
Blogger RStar23 said...

Good observations AntiElf.

Local polpigs have, for quite some time, redirected funds to their pet projects - the ones that they could not get funded without scamming the taxpayer.

People have got to remember that when they hear someone say 'goverment fund' that it means taxpayer funds and that means it came out of OUR pocketbooks.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous AntiElf said...

And we also have Rep Oberstar (D) up north that's wanting more "transportation" funds, but what do they go to? Roads? Bridges? Tunnels? No. Bike paths, walking paths.

And this polpig demands a tax increase.

9:14 PM  

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