Monday, September 24, 2007

Vernice Hall Deserves Better

Vernice Hall, a 12-year-old Minneapolis girl remained in critical condition on Monday, after being shot in the head Saturday (9/22) night. She was standing in her own yard mingling with other children heading for home after her 14 year old brother's birthday party [READ MORE]. She was not harming a single thing in the world, just being a kid talking to friends in her front yard on a warm Saturday night in Minnesota.

Today, the Mayor of Minneapolis unveiled his new budget that calls for s whole slew of touchy feely youth programs and a meager increase of 18 police officers, a far cry from the 50 new officers the Mayor log ago promised the city residents.

From the Strib

"Rybak also said he'll propose devoting more money to fighting gang graffiti, truancy and curfew violations, youth violence, and for buses to transport inner-city kids to community programs."

Congratulations Minneapolis, you have elected one of the most incompetent polpigs in the nation. You have a serious problem involving violent youth gang activity and your Mayor thinks that providing bus rides to community programs is going to help curb this onslaught. Simple logic says that the youth involved with the violent youth gangs are most probably not the same youth that would be likely to make use of community programs.

Where are the 50 additional officers the Mayor promised you? He's had time to push for, and found the money to pay for, a hanging garden on top of city hall. Why not time and money to add the promised officers?

Minneapolis, aren't you tired of being lied too by liberal, actually socialst, politicians. Aren't you tired of being the subjects of one senseless social experiment after another?

How many of your children have to be shot before you kick out the touchy feely liberals?

Do you really believe that providing bus rides to community programs is going to do one damned thing to reduce the violence? Is shuffle board going to inspire a gun toting gangbanger to give up his weapon?

These are your neighborhoods that are being left unprotected by the boy Mayor and his minions. Isn't it time to take back your neighborhoods? Vernice Hall and all of the other gun shot victims in Minneapolis deserve better.


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