Thursday, February 07, 2008

GOP Old Guard Needs To Go Away

The Old Guard of the Republican Party has determined that the disarray of their party is the fault of various talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity just to name a few. What a crock of pure unadulterated bull excrement.

The Republican Party is in shambles because of the manipulations of the Old Guard (Bill Bennett, John McCain and others). It is in a nosedive because of the lack of principles or core values. The GOP is headed for a disaster this fall because they have worked so very, very hard to chase away conservatives, evangelicals, and just about any one else who believes in the founding principles of this nation.

It is the Old Guard that has tried to convert the GOP into a clone of the Democrat party : liberal and standing for nothing other than self interest. It is the Old Guard who have chosen to ignore the desires of the rank and file and instead implement their own idiotic plans.

Let's look at a few points.

The majority of GOP rank and file, as well as the majority of American citizens and taxpayers, support strong action to stop illegal immigration. Instead the Old Guard has support amnesty and guest workers.

The majority of GOP rank and file, as well as the majority of American citizens and taxpayers, think taxes are too high and that they should be cut. Instead the Old Guard has refused to stand for tax cuts and instead offered up one high priced big government program after another. (Never forget that all government spending comes out of the pocket of ALL taxpayers.)

And now thanks to the manipulations of the GOP Old Guard, we are about to have John McCain forced upon us. The backroom deal makers and wheeler dealers have decided that dressing up a die hard liberal in conservative cloaks is what we - the rank and file - want and will support. No matter how you try to cover up the stink, a pile of excrement is still a pile of excrement.

No matter how you cut it, there is very little real difference between McCain, Clinton and Obama. All support big government. All support raping the taxpayer to pay for all of their costly, self service promises.

Conservatives and evangelicals are left with two options this November. The first is to set aside our personal principle, hold our noses and vote for McCain. The second, and more likely option, is to believe that there is no difference in the candidates and sit this one out and let the GOP crash and burn.

No matter how they try to spin and lie their way around the impending disaster, the Old Guard of the GOP have no one but themselves to blame.


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