Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When Glass Towers Crumble

For longer than I care to remember liberals have labeled conservatives and anyone else that doesn't agree with them as "racist". Now this liberal lie is being exposed for what it is: pure crap. And who do we have to thank for this? None other than her royal highness Hillery and her philandering husband Bill.

This link from the Washington Post is only the latest evidence of the truth that has always been there but never discussed: the liberal left is the real source of the institutional racism in this country. Their massive social programs and giveaways come not from the goodness of their heart but from the need to use minorities for political success and from their belief that no minority can succeed without the help of lily white liberals.

Thanks to Team Billary, eyes are finally being opened. The veiled attacks obscured within liberal GoodSpeak and the outright open attacks on Obama are many and mounting as Team Billary sees the nomination that they believe to be their birthright slip away. No other candidate on either side of the aisle is playing the so-called race card. No other candidate is trying to play both the gender and race card. No other candidate has rushed headlong into the slime.

Hopefully Americans of minority backgrounds are paying attention. Hopefully they are getting tired of being used by one liberal after another. Hopefully the lies about who is racist and who isn't are being heard.

It isn't conservatives who are trying to continue the plantation mentality.

And so my fellow conservatives, pour yourself another cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy the spectacle as the glass towers of the left crumble into dust.


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