Monday, February 11, 2008

The Amazing McCain Magic Show

The Republican National Committee (RNC), proudly presents "The Amazing McCain Magic Show"!

Gather around good people and watch in utter amazement as the liberal polpig John McCain magically transforms in front of our very eyes into a full blown, fully crested 'conservative' - all in a matter of days!

Watch as his opposition to tax cuts magically disappears.

Look on in awe as the newly created 'life long conservative' disavows his libbie buddies.

Your heart will be thrilled as the mighty 'successor to Reagan' valiantly rants and raves as he tries to convince the idiots and rubes that he has always been strong on immigration control, that he has been the longstanding champion of small government and that he will defend our Second Amendment rights with his very life!

Listen with amusement as Magic McCain explains how he really didn't turn his back on the POW/MIA who did not get to come home.

And remember folks, this amazing transformation takes place over a very short period, a few days at the most.

Question of the day: what is worse, a known liberal or a liberal pretending to be a conservative?


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