Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When Talking Fails

Fellow residents of Minnesota: bend over and get ready to take it where the sun don't shine!

There are two measures that clearly demonstrate the true intent of the DFL and their turncoat IR allies. The new Transportation act which will confiscate $300 - $400 per family per year for pork barrel "transportation" projects is the first of these two issues. If you think for one minute that this money is going to roads and bridges, remove your head from your derriere and think again. This is going to fund a series of pork barrel "transportation" projects such as more choo-choo trains, covered bus stops and bike paths. This farce was made possible by the votes of six turncoat IR representatives.

Abeler (Anoka)
Erhardt (Edina)
Hamilton (Mountain Lake)
Heidgerken (Freeport)
Peterson, N. (Bloomington)
Tingelstad (Andover)

IR representatives Brod (New Prague) and Ruth (Owatonna) did not bother to vote on this issue.

The second measure yet another piece of gun control registration legislation. HF 3324 and SF 2989 are nothing more than an attempt to force LEGAL gun owners to register their weapons with the state. The wording makes it sound like the intent is to control 'military style assault weapons' but fails to define what is an assault weapon. But as is always the case with bills from liberal lawmakers, the devil is in the details.

Think about it folks - when is the last time you heard of a criminal or gang banger getting a purchase or carry permit?

Minnesota, you are getting what you asked for when you supported the liberal (DFL) cause with your votes or you lack of action to elect conservatives. Our willingness to sit back and allow liberals to screw us has directly led to this state of affairs.

It is time to fight back. A good start is to make sure the six IR turncoats and two non-voting IRs never win another election in the state of Minnesota. This of course means getting off our our butts and making noise now and voting in November.

Until you are willing to take a stand even if it is not convenient for you, then keep your whining to yourself.


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