Friday, May 23, 2008

A Time of Reflection and Giving Thanks

Memorial Day, a time set aside to reflect upon the sacrifices that so many have made to provide us with the life we so abundantly enjoy. Whether the conflict was popular (World War II), or unpopular (Viet Nam), our military has stood tall and taken care of business. Never once has our military been defeated - Viet Nam was lost through the failures of gutless politicians sitting in safety in Washington DC.

Some have come home to massive celebrations; others have been showered with chicken guts and called baby killers. Regardless, the next time they were called upon, they went and took care of business.

Many have gone into harm's way only to come home and find that the benefits they had been promised had been eliminated by lying politicians and bureaucrats who had never faced any danger greater than getting a bad haircut.

Despite the best efforts of mainstream media, liberal politicians and cowards hiding behind academic credentials, the majority of the American people have never forgotten that the men and women of our military are true heroes deserving of our full support both on the field and once they come home.

As you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend in this the year of our Lord 2008, please ponder on this: once again liberal politicians are trying to turn a military victory into defeat in Iraq, liberal politicians are spending more tax dollars supporting illegal criminal aliens than we spend on caring for our returning vets and there are still American troops listed as POW/MIA.

So America, let's all raise our glass in a toast to our military and make a sacred promise that

1. We will never again allow a lack of political will and/or cowardice to dishonor the missions that our military undertake

2. We will never allow our returning vets to be treated with anything less than full respect and accorded the fullest measure of our support and assistance

3. We will never allow their sacrifices to be forgotten

To each and every member of our military, past and present, know that our prayers and hopes are always with you. God Bless You All.

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