Tuesday, August 05, 2008

See the Cowards Run

Over 70% of the American people demand that Congress lift the ban on drilling offshore and in the ANWR. This outcry, together with a reduction in gasoline usage by the American people, help to drive down the cost of crude oil. Lifting the ban and actually getting the crude oil actually flowing will certainly help drive down prices even further. However, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Dem - California, acting more like Marie Antionette than as a representative of the American people, refuses to allow debate on any measure aimed at removing the drilling bans and instead shuts down the House and runs away along with 50 or so of her minions [READ MORE].

Rather than face the wrath of the voters in an election year, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America takes the cowards way out.

The presumptive Democrat candidate for President, Barrack Hussien Obama, the so called great speechifier and new messiah of world politics, refuses to participate in any Town Hall meetings against the Republican John McCain [READ MORE]. His "people" claim that there isn't enough time but the truth is that Barry just does not do very well unless he is reading a speech written for him and being displayed on a teleprompter [READ MORE]. For the record, in what passes for debates there days, the candidate respond to a pre-approved set of questions for a pre-approved selection of big media reporters. In a Town Hall, WE THE PEOPLE actually get a chance to ask unscripted questions.

Rather than face unscripted questions from THE PEOPLE, the presumptive Democrat party nominee for President of the United States, Senator Barrack Hussien Obama, takes the cowards way out.

These are just two examples of the complete lack of courageous, or even mediocre leadership offered the American people by the Democrat party. Faced with two tough situations, these so-called leaders cut and run. Bail out. Disappear. And then like every tinhorn dictator before them, they try to cover their actions with arrogance, pixie dust and political spin.

Had these two, and their minions in the Democrat/socialist party been our leaders in 1776, we would still be a British colony.

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Anonymous Antielf said...

The dems want to rule our lives. Take a look at Pelosi denying the vote on drilling and then trying to silence the GOP from speaking out.

Now they're gone for 5 weeks. How nice, a 5 week vacation. I don't work, I don't get paid. Must be nice to be a member of the ruling elites.

Pelosi is but a glimpse into the rest of the wanna-be dictators- Reid, Clinton, Obammy, well, frankly nearly any Dem.

If you're happy with giving your money, property & freedom to the gov't , then vote dem. When you vote dem, throw your U.S. Constitution in the trash before they find you with it.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Mr Hopenchange said...

Even when written, he lies.

Here's the latest. He criticizes Obama for taking money from Big Oil. He lies about how much. He lies about the tax breaks for ALL companies that McCain wants to give, and Obama has taken almost $400k from Big Oil as well.

But, the media will never challenge their savior on any of this. And of the few heretics that do, he will never answer it.

8:21 PM  

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