Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama - Biden : This is change?

For the past several days we have been inundated with a flood of discussion, analysis and opinions from the Mainstream media (MSM), all designed to convince us that with the naming of Joe Biden as his VP choice, the new messiah Obama has now all but wrapped up the elections this fall. But something doesn't ring true.

For starters, Obama has campaigned on 'Change' and yet he has picked one of the ultimate Washington D.C. insiders as his VP. Somehow 35 years in the Senate just doesn't sound like 'Change'. If anything it sounds like more of the same old political party garbage.

Then there is the matter of Biden being able to deliver Pennsylvania for the Democrat/socialists in November. While he was born in Pennsylvania, the fact is that he has not lived there for over 50 years.

We are also being told that Biden brings balance to the ticket. When I first heard one of the MSM talking heads say this I almost busted a gut laughing. Balance? Two ultra-liberals do not make for a balanced ticket. Just how stupid does the MSM and the Democrat/socialist party think we are?

Folks, in the Obama/Biden ticket what we have are two of the most liberal Senators in Washington D.C. We have a ticket that is staunchly anti-2nd Amendment, pro-abortion and infanticide, very big government and tax and spend liberal. This ticket does what I thought would be impossible and that is to make uber-liberal George McGovern appear to be a moderate.

Having disposed of Senator Clinton with a campaign that promised 'Change', Obama has now come full circle back to more of the same old garbage.

It will never be more important for conservatives to work to make sure that this ticket fails in November. It really is not about supporting McCain - it is about supporting and defending our way of life.

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Anonymous AntiElf said...

Obammy has been criticizing McCain of his age, but Biden is not that much younger. He's closer in age to McCain than he is to Obammy.

And you're right about change... in fact, if you look at length of service, Biden has been there much longer than McCain. When Biden first took office, McCain was still a POW in Vietnam.

One of the biggest problems I have with the messiah, is that he is a hypocrite. If he was at least honest and consistent, that would be one thing. But he's not.

But, what do we really expect from someone like Obama. Honesty? The truth? Consistency? Feh.

Same old political dirty tricks and lies.

Mr. Hopenchange is a fraud.

11:57 PM  

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