Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Predict Bye Bye Biden

Right now the McCain/Palin campaign is taking big bites out of the substantial lead that Obama/Biden held as recently as a month ago. [Current Polling Data]. Despite the best efforts of mainstream media to attack McCain and destroy Palin, the new messiah of American politics is sliding downhill rapidly.

I doubt that the Democrat party will stand by and let Obama lose this election. The most obvious change that could be made is to the Vice Presidential candidate. In fact, it is our prediction that some time early in October, Joe Biden will be sent to the showers and will be replaced. The only question is who will be tapped? Sen. Clinton seems like the obvious pick at this point.

Obama's New Campaign Buddy
It is common knowledge that Obama can give one heckuva a speech as long as he is on the telepromter and sticking to the speech prepared for him. Most of his many, many gaffes have come as he speaks with his faithful teleprompter.

Well folks, Obama has a new best buddy on the campaign trail : his faithful portable teleprompter (just to the right of the podium in this photo).

There are reports that Obama is even accompanied by his new best buddy when doing radio interviews.

Do we really want a President who will have to take his teleprompter along with him when he negotiates with foreign leaders?


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