Saturday, October 25, 2008

1995 Obama Bizarre, Race Baiting Interview Found!

Are you one of those gullible, guilt-ridden whites who have been convinced that you have to support Obama or risk being called a racist? Well, take a little over four minutes out of your busy life and watch this video of Obama from 1995.

Trouble viewing the video? Click here

While the race baiting from Obama is alarming, what is really perplexing and bizarre is his contention that he must save the black race to assure his own personal salvation. And just how is he going to do this: by redistributing the wealth of this country, by taking from those who work and pay taxes and giving to those who live off of the labors of others.

It is truly sad that so much of this information has not come out before now. All of the items such as this one are available to the public with a minimum amount of effort and access to Google and yet mainstream media does not seem to be able to locate this material. Or could it be that mainstream media is indeed actively working to elect Obama?

As always folks, draw your own conclusions. Think for yourself.


Anonymous Antielf said...

This is disturbing. For his salvation, we must give our hard earned money to others? How about he take his hundreds of millions of dollars and give that to people?

He says that I need to pay up because I oppress people. Well, I'd certainly like him to prove that.

9:04 AM  
Blogger RStar23 said...

Hiss messiah complex, or maybe it is simply meglomania, was obvious as far back as at least 1995 as this video shows.

11:47 AM  

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