Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama's America

We are surrounded with vivid examples of the Obama's vision of America. Together with his minions in the Democrat party, his 32 special czars and the Mainstream Media, Obama is doing everything in his power to transform America into a big government, socialist (possibly even communist) nation. Much of what they laughingly call "hope and change" is found in obscure details and massive bills that even the polpigs are unable to read and understand. However, there is one image that we believe clearly shows the direction Obama is heading.

For those who have been hiding from reality, that is the national flag of Communist China flying alongside Old Glory.

Let us never forget the sacrifices of millions who have fought against the evils of communism. Our troops fought communist Chinese troops in Korea. Our Viet Nam vets fought against an enemy funded and fully supported by the communist Chinese.

Let us never forget under who's reign a communist flag flew side by side with the American flag in the capitol city of the United States of America.

Wake up America! We elected this President and Congress, we can remove them starting with the 2010 elections. It is time to pick a side and fight folks.


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