Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties Labeled "Despicable and Shameful"

If you protest against a war, the socialist left labels you as a hero.

Protest against a legal ban on homosexual marriage and you are a shining light of the neo-amerikans of the left.

Riot in the streets and you are hailed as a revolutionary.

Yet peaceful gatherings intent on protesting against excessive taxation are labeled as "despicable and shameful" by none other than a member of the U.S. Congress, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.). [Read more]

That's right folks, if you are gathering to legally lodge your complaints against out-of-control government taxes and spending, you are engaging in a "despicable and shameful" act. Never mind that you are exercising a Constitutionally protected right and that Rep. Schakowsky took an oath to protect that same Constitution. All that matters, at least to neo-amerikans such as Rep. Schakowsky is that you committed a heinous sin: you dared to disagree with the "The Left".

Why, you might wonder, would Rep. Schakowsky make such ridiculous and irresponsible statements? What possible benefit could come from such inflammatory rhetoric? Could it be the Rep. Schakowsky and the rest of the liberal neo-amerikans are afraid of the American people waking up to their lies and deceit?

The fact is that over 250,000 tax paying American citizens gathered across the country and spoke as one. The message was clear: "taxed enough already".

Good job folks. Keep the pressure up.

It seems Rep. Schakowsky is a admitted tax cheat and fraud artist [READ MORE]