Tuesday, May 16, 2006

There are other ways to solve the Illegal Immigration problem

There were no surprises in President Bush's speech to the nation last night. The sole topic was illegal criminal immigration and his plans for dealing with the situation. As expected, the President continued to buck the will of the majority of American citizens.

We would like to take a few moments of your time to both respond to the President's plan as well as to suggest what we think would be a fair solution.

The President's 5 point plan is nothing but more smoke, mirrors and lies from a polpig. It is the same basic package that he, along with the Senate Elites, have been trying to shove down the throats of the American citizens for years. Despite new verbage, it will do nothing to secure our border with Mexico. For instance, the decision to actually deploy the National Guard or any of the hi tech toys Bush mentioned would be left to the governor of each state. Perhaps the President has
forgotten that the border between the United State and Mexico is a Federal border and that the protection of that border is a Federal responsibility, one of the few actual jobs assigned to the Federal government by the Founders.

The President also calls for a tamper-proof national ID card for so-called guest workers. Perhaps the President is smoking dope and hasn't noticed but reality is that there is no such thing as "tamper proof". Simply ask the credit card companies, the IRS, the security administrators of compromised government run networks and those Federal agents charged with tracking down those that forge documents and currency. But what this proposal will do is make it easier to further eliminate personal freedom and privacy by taking the next step and implementing a national ID for everyone.

Securing the border is a valid reponsibility of the federal government but will not solve this problem folks. The solution must go much further.

Eliminate all benefits for non-citizens. Remove the economic incentive for illegals and you will remove part of the reason for sneaking across the border in the first place.

Provide employers with a fast and accurate way to verify the status of foreign applicants. Make it easy and cost effective for a an employer to verify that the green card is indeed valid. If the employer still insists upon hiring illegals, impose heavy fines and if need be, jail time. Prosecuting employers without providing them real validation assistance is both unfair and stupid.

Instant deportation of any illegal criminal alien caught within our borders.

Implement a Guest Worker program but only after it has been demonstrated that Mexico has taken effective action to stop the flow from their side.

Change the Federal law that allows children born to illegal criminal aliens on US soil to automatically become a US citizen. Only children born to current citizens should be given this privilege.

Make it illegal for any local government to hamper or deter the enforcement of immigration law. No more looking the other way or establishing safe-zones.

Require all voters to provide a validated photo id before being allowed to vote.

Every so often reality rears it's ugly head. In this case, the reality is that simply trying to close off a 2000 mile long border is just not possible unless you are willing to use deadly force. Even then, massive walls do not always work as the communists learned with the Berlin Wall.

This problem needs more than heated rhetoric and polpig games. It is not going to be resolved with actions that affect only the border states. It will require a comprehensive set of actions taken by all 50 states as well as the Federal government.

America is a nation founded by immigrants, legal immigrants. They gave up everything and came to this country not to make a few bucks and then sneak back home but to start a new life and to become American citizens. They played the game by the rules and did not expect or demand special treatment. Allowing 12 million illegal criminal aliens to reap the benefits of life in America from their criminal actions is an insult to all of those who came here legally and followed the rules.

Our doors are always wide open to those who want to come and share the American Dream. It is not too much to ask that the immigrants proudly come in through the front door instead on sneaking in like a thief in the dark.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Illegal Immigration: Bush's Last Stand

Tonight, May 15, 2006, President Bush will address the nation on the topic of illegal aliens. The fact that the President is taking the extraordinary step of presenting his case directly to the American people should tell us that he knows his plans are held in very low esteem by the citizens of the United States, the very people George Bush is supposed to be representing.

Early leaks and rumors indicate the President will announce the placement of 5,000 National Guard troops on our borders with Mexico. These troops will not be given the authority to arrest illegal aliens or to do much more than stand around and look pretty in their uniforms. It is also fairly certain that the President will continue to try to shove his grossly unpopular amnesty program down the throat of the U.S.

We will undoubtedly hear how the illegal aliens are doing the jobs that Americans won't do. This folks, is nothing more than a pack of lies. There are no jobs that Americans won't do - only employers who exploit illegal aliens to hold down the wages they pay.

We will hear how we are a nation of immigrants. This is true, our great nation has always benefitted from LEGAL immigration and hopefully always will. What is happening today has nothing to do with legal immigration and is an insult to all of those who left their homes to come to America to build a new life not as some hyphenated American but simply as an American.

We will hear about the humanitarian reasons for amnesty and a guest worker program. Few would argue against humanitarian reasons for supporting immigration but is it so damned much to ask that the immigration be through accepted legal avenues?

We will hear statements from our President designed to placate the feelings of the Mexico's ruler V. Fox. Many of us will wish that our President cared as much about what we - the taxpaying citizens of this country - want.

Assuming that this massive PR push by President Bush goes as expected, I would to go on record right now as calling for the impeachment of President Bush. Bear in mind that is coming from a very staunch conservative, proudly unaffiliated with ANY political party, who is simply tired of the lies and deceit that pours our of the Washington DC Beltway from both major political parties.

Impeachment should not be limited to the President. All members of Congress who support this guest work and amnesty lunacy should also be removed from office with no delay. If our elected leaders are unwilling to take the steps necessary to fulfill their obligation to protect our borders, then they should be removed from office. Said another way, either do the damned the job or go away and let someone else who actually cares about America take on the task.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Setting the Record Straight

Let's set the record straight: despite recent posts deservedly criticizing the Republican party, we DO NOT not endorse, support or recommend Democrats (aka liberals, leftists, progressives, socialists). Our disdain for polpigs and political parties most assuredly extends to and includes the minions of the Left.

Lying, cheating, stealing and stupidity are hardly the sole provence of Republicans. Bill Clinton used OUR White House as his private whore house. Hillary Clinton's record of lies, deceit and pandering makes Dick Cheney look like a choir boy. Nancy Pelosi is the living embodiment of the word "hypocrite". Ted Kennedy is a drunken killer who's wealth bought him a free pass. Harry Reid carries baggage every bit as distasteful and questionable as any Republican in Congress. Al Gore is great proof that idiocy does not live just on the right hand side of the aisle. Senator Byrd rode with the KKK.

Decades of Democrat policy have left us with wide open borders, a welfare state that is surely helping to rush our downfall, a public education system that slides further and further into mediocrity even as more money is shoveled into the funding abyss and a justice system that spends more to protect the rights of criminals than to protect the rights of victims of crime. And this folks is just the short list.

No, we do not endorse or support the Republicans or Democrats. In fact, we believe that political parties are one of the root reasons for a government that is out of control.

So just what the heck do we support?

A strong and abiding faith in Our Lord and Heavenly Father.

The ability of individual humans to exercise the free will that God gave us all to make the best life possible for ourselves and our communities.

The basic goodness inherent in most people. Sadly, this goodness is frequently masked by greed and avarice but despite the best attempts of the secular world to corrupt it, the goodness is still there. We are all part of God's masterpiece and that masterpiece is a work in progress.

The ability of voters to decide for themselves who are the best candidates without the influence peddling of the media and political parties.

What it all boils down to is this: only an idiot puts their faith in a secular government. Turn off the political ads. Delete the email requests for money. Ignore the union flyers. Rely upon God, prayer and common sense. These are the only things that you have that can not be taken away from you.

My Response to Michael DuHaime: One More Poll Comment the RNC Will Ignore

Recently GOP election wonk Michael DuHaime sent out an e-poll in an e-mail to the rank-and-file pretending to care about what the rank-and-file thinks. Since the e-mail was designed to block cutting and pasting of text into the comments field I was not able to paste in my blog article
"Why I'm Done With Political Parties, Especially the RNC."
Even the "delete" key wouldn't work so that editing one's note was as painful as possible. Nice. Apparently the party is soooo desperate to get our feedback they made sure we could only send the text we could type out in one setting with no editing. Facing that limitation I submitted the following text instead:

"This is my last year as a registered Republican. From now on I will be an Independent sending my contributions directly to the candidates I want to support and letting the others fend for themselves.

Firstly, I'm tired of a party that worships Carl Rove as an election strategist god when it was the grass-roots groups like the Swifties that saved the President's election. Polls clearly showed the President was going to lose before these groups saved the campaign. The very groups the President mocked and distanced himself from during the election campaign are the people that got and kept him elected. Only nine months later was there a half-hearted barely-mentioned admission by the RNC that the Swifties and others had "helped" save the day. I won't support that kind of obnoxious arrogance with either my time or money.

Secondly, overall the RNC is not the party of constructionalist conservatism it claims to be. It's not even close. There is no functional difference on spending and defending our Constitutional rights compared to the DNC. Both parties are tax-and-spend parties that constantly expand the role of government in our lives while taking away our liberties. Oh sure, there are some "pet" issues the RNC defends that the DNC doesn't and vice versa, but that's just a difference in marketing to collect contributions and activate their bases. In the end the voter loses his rights and his money.

Thirdly, the RNC has deliberately and blatantly ridiculed it's voter base while committing un-Constitutional actions such as No Child Left Behind (the Federal government has _no_ Constitutional authority over education) and the illegal alien amnesty the President called for in both of his terms. Even worse, the RNC base is told to "tone down" (shut up) when it demands the Administration do its Constitutional duty by defending the borders and removing/punishing the illegals. If President Roosevelt could abuse his power by interning most Japanese Americans, why can't President Bush use his Constitutionally appropriate authority to find and remove illegal immigrants some of which are known terrorists? The answer is simple, he doesn't want to. In fact, his actions show he wants to merge the American continent into one borderless economic collective as called for by many international
organizations. Why would I support _this_ with my time or money?

The issue here isn't why I'm leaving the party, it's about why the party left me. I'm at least honest enough to recognize the truth and act accordingly. Maybe someday I'll be back when the RNC has enough character and honesty to practice what it preaches, acting like real conservatives first...and asking for money second."

American Iron

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yet Another Chance To Give Away Your Money

Here ya' go Folks, the opportunity of a lifetime. A never to be repeated, until the next time, chance to waste even more money on politics and politicians. You very own chance to add the GOP to the list of monthly bills through the magic of automatic account deductions.

GOP Fund Raiser

While we happily do not have a link for you Democrats out there, we are positive that they have a similar great new deal for the faithful.

Regardless of your political persuasion, remember Folks, it is important that you donate your hard earned money to make sure the same politicians who spend your taxes dollars with impunity are re-elected and returned to Washington DC and the important business of raping the American taxpayer. After all, it is our duty as taxpayers to give until it hurts and then smile as the politicians stick it to us and make it hurt even more.

The dollar you donate today will help re-elect a politician who will find a way to spend even more of your tax dollars.