Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here We Go Again Minnesota - Hold On To Your Wallets

Just about the time you think they can't raise your taxes any higher, the politicians and special interests come up with a new way to confiscate more of your hard earned wages. This time it is the "Vote Yes Campaign".

You might wonder what the heck is the "Vote Yes Campaign"? Well, put simply, the "Vote Yes Campaign" intends to convince you to approve an amendment to the Minnesota state constitution. The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment would raise the state sales tax by 3/8 of 1 percent and set aside the proceeds for habitat restoration, water cleanup and cultural programs.

Why is The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment needed? Darned good question.

In 1988 voters approved amendment 202 to create Minnesota Environment and Natural Resource Trust Fund to provide support for environmental, natural resource and wildlife programs.

We approved amendment 205 in 1990. This amendment dedicated 40% of the proceeds from the Minnesota lottery to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund through the year 2001.

1998 brought amendment 209 extending the commitment of lottery funds to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. Also passed in 1998 was amendment 210 intended to preserve our hunting and fishing heritage.

The polpigs and special interest groups are coming back to feed at the trough, folks. Obviously 40% of the lottery proceeds didn't satisfy their hunger - now they want a new increase in sales tax. Rather than using a percentage of the funds from an expansion in legal gambling such as off track betting and the creation of a Racino at Canterbury, the supporters of the The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment want to confiscate your money through another tax.

Get ready folks for a summer of emotionally charged commercials and ads touting the benefits of this new amendment. What we will not see is any plain english explanation as to why the combination of the dedicated lottery funds and a portion of our ridiculously high state income tax is not sufficient to meet the needs.

Hopefully Minnesotans are starting to wake up to the methods of the DFL and their special interest supporters and will resoundingly vote "NO" this fall. Adding another tax on top of the expanded sales tax and gas taxes passed this year by the DFL is plainly a bad idea at a time when family budgets are being stretched to the limits by high taxes, high energy costs, high food costs and increasing unemployment.

[If you didn't know this proposed constitutional amendment was coming, don't feel too bad : I suspect most Minnesotans are in the same boat. If you are also wondering how this can pop up and be on the ballot while other proposed amendments such banning gay marriages or creating a single-house legislature never seem to make it, again don't feel like you're alone. The answer is simple, the legislator does not trust us with a tax payer driven Initiative and Referendum process.]

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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Time of Reflection and Giving Thanks

Memorial Day, a time set aside to reflect upon the sacrifices that so many have made to provide us with the life we so abundantly enjoy. Whether the conflict was popular (World War II), or unpopular (Viet Nam), our military has stood tall and taken care of business. Never once has our military been defeated - Viet Nam was lost through the failures of gutless politicians sitting in safety in Washington DC.

Some have come home to massive celebrations; others have been showered with chicken guts and called baby killers. Regardless, the next time they were called upon, they went and took care of business.

Many have gone into harm's way only to come home and find that the benefits they had been promised had been eliminated by lying politicians and bureaucrats who had never faced any danger greater than getting a bad haircut.

Despite the best efforts of mainstream media, liberal politicians and cowards hiding behind academic credentials, the majority of the American people have never forgotten that the men and women of our military are true heroes deserving of our full support both on the field and once they come home.

As you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend in this the year of our Lord 2008, please ponder on this: once again liberal politicians are trying to turn a military victory into defeat in Iraq, liberal politicians are spending more tax dollars supporting illegal criminal aliens than we spend on caring for our returning vets and there are still American troops listed as POW/MIA.

So America, let's all raise our glass in a toast to our military and make a sacred promise that

1. We will never again allow a lack of political will and/or cowardice to dishonor the missions that our military undertake

2. We will never allow our returning vets to be treated with anything less than full respect and accorded the fullest measure of our support and assistance

3. We will never allow their sacrifices to be forgotten

To each and every member of our military, past and present, know that our prayers and hopes are always with you. God Bless You All.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Global Warming Hysteria : Modern Fascism

Has anyone else noticed a shrill shrieking filling the airwaves? I am, of course, talking about the lies, accusations and misinformation spewing forth from the fascists driving The Great Global Warming Hysteria. And despite increasing reports from reputable scientists [read] debunking the lies of Al Gore and his cult of celebrity followers, the volume of the oppressive shrieks keeps climbing.

Let's clear the air a bit here. Man-made global warming is pure bunk supported only by pseudo-science, unproven claims and outright lies. We may very well be experiencing a degree of natural global warming, as has happened countless times in the history of this planet, but we people are not causing it.

So what is behind this global warming hysteria? Greed and an obsessive need to control the lives of everyone. Nothing more, nothing less.

Name a problem and it has probably been blamed on global warming. In fact, check out A complete list of things caused by global warming. Click any 'problem' listed there and you will be taken to the actual documentation. The list is amazing. Acne, I35 bridge collapse, earth spinning faster, earth slowing down, evolution accelerating, fish catches drop, fish catches rise, deaf fish, heart disease, HIV epidemic, seals mating more, smaller brains, a truffle shortage and hundreds of other equally silly and often contradictory issues.

Wake up folks. This hysteria is nothing more than an attempt by an elite few to gain power of all industry and the lives of every individual while making a nice, tidy fortune at the same time. The lead pig at the trough is none other than Al Gore [read] with his cash-cow carbon offset scam.

If there is global warming, so what? It is a natural cycle. Things get warm, things cool off. 30 years ago many of the same global warming hypocrites were warming about the impending Ice Age. Nature, which does include we lowly humans, has always adapted and always will. And we have done so without yielding control of our lives to self-appointed elitists and scam mongers.

Here's a little climate change history to ponder. About 985 AD, Vikings settled in what is now known as Greenland. The land supported crops, provided ample grazing for sheep and cattle, the waters were clear, ice free and full of cod and seals. By 1100 there were three thousand settlers. The Little Ice Age made life on Greenland virtually impossible and the last supply ship able to make it to the colonists was in 1410.

The Little Ice Age was fading when Denmark recolonized Greenland in 1721. Today, Greenland is home to over 50,000 people, a large number of sheep and a growing tourism industry. While archaeologists have uncovered the remains of the original villages and settlers, not a single SUV or nuclear plant has been found ;>

Isn't it time that we stop allowing the global warming fascists to control our lives and future? Isn't it time that we demanded honesty in reporting? Isn't it time that we stopped acting like brain-dead puppets who's strings are controlled by power-hungry polpigs and elites?

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Monday, May 19, 2008

It ain't Bush - Congress is the enemy

So you hate George Bush and by God, you are going to express that hate in the upcoming elections?

Well good for you. You will be doing absolutely nothing to change anything but you'll feel better.

Folks, Congress, not the President, writes the bills that become law. Congress votes the spending measures, creates taxes and gives final approval of Supreme Court nominees. The President can suggest, request and if needs be veto a bill but Congress is really in the driver's seat since they can override the President's veto.

Sometimes Congress and the President agree on a bill, sometimes they don't. But always it is Congress that must pass a bill.

Every Bush policy that so many hate has been backed by Congress. Congress voted for the Iraqi war. Congress voted for the Patriot Act. Congress passed the economic policies that have led to economic hardship for many American citizens.

So what if Bush is gone this fall, the same Congress will still be in charge and still working for their own special interests and power. Unless we the people get it through our thick skulls that real change starts with Congress, we are going to be even worse off.

This election is not about Democrat/socialists versus Republicans as much as mainstream media would like you to believe. The real struggle is for our culture and society. Do we reclaim the principles that our Founders fought for or do we continue to move towards socialism?

Wake up people - Congress is not our friend and needs to be overhauled top to bottom.