Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doing 'Hard Things'

Let's say that you have gone out and bought a new truck and in the process spending more than you could really afford. You knew you were spending too much but just had to have the newest truck with the newest goodies. Now you are faced with the problem of how to pay for that new truck that you just had to have. Do you:

1. cut enough spending from your budget so that you can make the payments


2. put a shotgun to your neighbors head and demand that he make your payment for you?

If your answer was number 1, cut spending, then welcome to the crowd. You are like the rest of Americans faced with similar decisions each and every day.

However, if your answer was number 2 then you have now qualified to be a politician (polpig).

After running up massive debts and record deficits, our so-called leaders in the White House and Congress are struggling to find ways to pay off their reckless spending and vote-buying. [Here comes a national VAT tax].

These polpigs have recklessly spent our nation into a massive financial hole and now they can't figure out how to pay off their spending. After coming up with a few minor, mostly symbolic, budget cuts, they are again putting a gun to our heads and demanding that we pay off their debts. They talk about making tough decisions and having to do 'hard things' to cover their spending but it sure as heck is not the polpigs who will be doing these 'hard things'. It is the American taxpayers and American businesses who will be expected to do the 'hard things' even as Congress continues to spend, spend, spend. This insanity has got to stop!

Maybe we are just getting what we deserve. For years we have stood by and watched as Congress and the polpig elites created new entitlements, created new federal agencies, pursued expensive programs and threw money away on themselves and their friends. Just as long as we had a few bucks in our pocket, we kept our mouths shut. As long as it was only the rich being taxed, we looked the other way. As long as we got our share of the tax pie we turned our backs on the problem. And now we have a massive monster that must be dealt with.

The 'hard thing' we the taxpayers have to deal with is not paying more taxes; rather it is putting aside our own self interests and remembering that the strength of this country comes not from the polpig elite class but from the willingness of free citizens to put aside our self interest to work for and defend our shared American Dream.

A darned good start would be to kick out the current rulers in DC and replace them with truly principled people.


Anonymous Antielf said...

"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic"
- Benjamin Franklin (I think)

6:12 PM  

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