Friday, January 29, 2010

Who's Obstructing Obama?

Once again the President and his minions in the Democrat party are blaming Republicans for obstructing "The Chosen One's" policies and initiatives. Once again they are assuming that we the people are stupid and will not see the truth for ourselves.

Fact: Democrats have held the majority of both the House and Senate since 2006. They have had an absolute, unbeatable majority since 2008. This means that since 2008 they have had the power to pass any bill they want and the Republicans can not do a damned thing to stop them.

Fact: The American people have not supported the most significant portions of the liberal agenda, including cap and trade, government takeover of healthcare, immigration reform. There are literally hundreds of polls available on the internet that show the lack of support. Five minutes with Google will find all the proof of this needed. Add to this the three surprising elections lost in traditional the Democrat strongholds of Virgina, New Jersey and Massachusetts and you can easily see the opposition to the liberal agenda.

So what is the truth? Despite all of claims of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the braindead members of the mainstream media, the obstruction is not coming from the Republicans in Congress.

Reject the lies folks. Think for yourself. God gave you a brain, use it. Don't let polpigs think for you. Don't let union leaders think for you. Don't let the mainstream media think for you.

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