Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For The Love Of America

For The Love Of America

According to media pundits and talking heads, on November 7, 2006, Americans will be voting to punish the Republicans and President Bush. To do so, we supposedly are going to vote into power a sufficient enough number of liberal leftists to give the Democrats control of Congress.

Stop for just one moment and reread the first paragraph. Think about this in the cold light or reality. Rather than voting issues, we are supposedly going to vote emotions. Rather than thinking of the future of our country, we are going to throw a hissy fit, stomp our little footsies and vote against the bad man in the White House.

Despite the fact that poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans are against amnesty for illegal criminal aliens, against gay marriage, against higher taxes and against late term abortions, according to the pundits are about to elect into office the very people who are diametrically the opposite of what we are.

We find it hard to believe that Americans are so self-centered and small minded that we would cut our noses off to spite our faces. The American I believe in votes not to punish but for the future of America.

Please folks, think long and hard about your vote. Hopefully you will decide to vote for the future and not to punish. Hopefully you will remember that we are stuck with the liberals if we vote for punishment.

We pray that the America we believe in is not dead and that her citizens will stand up, act like adults and do what is best for our future.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What About The Issues?

The second Tuesday in November, millions of Americans will fulfill one of the duties of citizenship when they cast their ballots. The question now is whether or not they will vote after reasoned thought or in an emotional fit?

Will Hollywood celebrities sway votes in local races, races which will affect the lives of the locals but not the Hollywood celebrity?

Will politicians and their minions be allowed to lie time after time and not called to task by reasoned voters?

Will media moguls be able to advance their own obvious agendas by stampeding voters into a lemming like rush over the edge of the cliff?

After months of advertising and stumping and listening to political demigods, it is obvious that the only thing lacking in this election is a discussion of the issues. For those who have forgotten, issues are the things that will affect our welfare, safety and prosperity. While the local candidate may have great hair and looks good on camera, the fact is that those good looks will not do a darned thing to resolve any issues.

Perhaps the issues get overlooked because media and politicians assume that the American public is too stupid to understand anything more complex than how to pop the top on a can of beer? Maybe it is because the media pundits and politicians have a hidden reason to avoid telling us where they stand on issues? Or maybe it is because despite all the apparent brainpower of the media and political world, they don't have
any answers?

While we are neither a media pundit or politician, or for that matter a supporter of any particular political party, we do want to try and bring a little focus to the issues and what your vote will mean for OUR future.

Issue : Illegal Immigration
Do you enjoy having your tax dollars go to provide support, education and housing for those who have illegally entered this country? Do you think that it is right for Border Police to be sentenced to jail terms for shooting drug runners on the border? Does the thought of providing amnesty to illegal, criminal aliens make as much sense to you as giving amnesty to rapists and other criminals?

Issue : Taxes
Do you enjoy paying taxes and wish you could pay more? Do you think that it is a proper use of tax dollars to provide a living for those who resist or refuse to work. Does your salary keep pace with the increases in your taxes?

Issue: Welfare
Does it bother you to know that while you are working to support your family, you are also supporting other families who for what ever reason, do nothing to help support themselves? Do you want to have even more of your taxes go for give away programs that do nothing but buy vote for politicians?

Issue: Crime
Have you been a victim of a crime and was that crime committed by a person with a long track record of criminal activities? Do you enjoy having your tax dollars provide life time support for cold blooded, brutal killers who have been found guilty in a court of law? Are you tired of liberal judges 'discovering' rights for criminals that are clearly not in the Bill of Rights?

Issue: Education
Does the public education system seem like a large sink hole that no matter how much of your tax money is thrown at it, it is never enough - at least according to teacher unions and government bureaucrats? If you're a home schooler, are you tired of liberal education "experts" telling you how wrong you are to educate your own child? Are your tired of schools prescribing mood and mind altering drugs for your child
without your permission?

Issue: Politicians
Are you sick and tired of empty suits, and dresses, parading in front of cameras, pretending to be concerned about anything other than getting elected and feeding at the public trough? Have you had your fill of answers to questions that never provide an answer? Does it bother you to see any one make their living off of you as a politician? How do you feel about politicians and candidates who speak down to you, giving you slogans but no real information to use in making a wise decision?
What do you think about politicians -- the people that we elected to work for us -- living above the law, high on the hog and making more in retirement pay than you make in your best year?

Issue: Culture
Does the ongoing assault on Christianity bother you? Do you enjoy having gays, lesbians and transexuals teaching your children about their lifestyles in the public school supported with your tax dollars? How do you feel about gay marriage? Does it bother you that while your kids can't read the Holy Bible in public schools, they are taught about Islam and other religions regardless of your desires? How about everyone in this country speaking the same language - does it sound like a good idea?

Let's come to a point here folks : it is up to us, the voters, to elect candidates that we believe will do the right things. This is an awesome responsibility and should not be taken lightly. The decision should come only from a logical consideration of the facts and not from emotions. Emotions change in a heartbeat but a bad decision is something we all have to live with for a long, long time.

Modern liberalism as practiced by Democrats is nothing more than emotions wrapped in a cloak of rhetoric. There is no logic, no real answers other than unrealistic hopes and daydreams. It is at best a feelgood medicine show and when the show leaves town, we will all find our wallets empty and cupboards bare.