Friday, September 01, 2006

Are We A Nation Of Losers?

If you listen long enough to the major media outlets, both digital and paper, as well as to liberal (aka progressive, Democrat) politicians and their supporters, we are nothing but a nation of fat, stupid losers. It is not surprising that some folks, having heard the loser mantra many times a days, start to believe the lie.

We are constantly pummeled with the same messages: Bush is an idiot, we are idiots, we can't win in Iraq, we can't defeat terrorism, we are fat, we are lazy, we don't give away enough money, we are racists, we are polluters, we don't spend enough on schools, we can't protect our borders, we can't do anything about Iran or Korea, we are evil for eating meat ... the list goes on and on.

Well folks, that is all bovine excrement. Garbage. The whining and whimpering of the morally and ethically weak.

America is still the greatest nation on the face of the earth. We enjoy more freedom and economic rewards than any nation, anywhere. We also share more of that wealth with the needy than any other nation. Regardless of where a natural disaster hits, America and Americans are the first to ante up to help the victims.

Nowhere else can so many voice such a wide range of opinion without fear or censorship or imprisonment. This is the very freedom that allows the defeatists and losers in the media and politics to tell us what losers we are.

Not that America is without problems; do you know of ANY group of people that do not have some problems? Sure, we pollute but nowhere near to the level of what Red China spews out daily. Sure, we are still struggling in Iraq but no other nation, except maybe Britain, Russia or China, even has a military force capable of trying to protect anyone other themselves. Sure, we enjoy a high level of personal income but a lot of that money is spent on imports from the rest of the world. Sure, our kids may not be the best educated but not because we don't spend a huge fortune on education. Our health care costs a king's ransom but then we don't have to wait a year to see a doctor. Our judical system is out of whack but then how many other legal systems would tolerate the rantings of a Cindy Sheehan, (image how well her travelling freak show would play in Red China?). And yes, we have race problems but have you visited South Africa recently?

Whether you shared his political views or not, Ronald Reagan had an amazing ability to be a great leader, to help us all remember how good it was to be born in the USA and be able to share in the fruits of the labors of those who came before us. A great leader can not solve all problems but without a great leader, we tend to wander about aimlessly and solve very little.

What America needs is a real, live, honest to God "Leader". Someone who can rally us together to face our common problems not for political gain but for the common good. Sadly, there does not appear to be anyone out there but a plethora of self-centered, power hungry politicians and media moguls trying to posture as leaders.

Since there does not appear to be a decent leader amongst the political hacks and their media friends and stooges, it is up to us, Americans, to motivate ourselves. In other words people, it is time to remove our heads from between our our butt cheeks, take a breath of fresh air, roll up our sleeves and start working on making things better.

It is time that we turn our backs on politicians who are for themselves and their party (regardless of the party). It is time we learn to take what the media tells us with a grain of salt and demand that they stop lying to us and start reporting the facts and not their opinions. We need to learn how to communicate and the best start to that is eliminating political correctness. We can no longer afford to stand
around with our hands in our pockets waiting for someone to rescue us.

America's greatness comes not from laws, courts or politicians but from the combined efforts of strong, independent, God loving citizens working towards not only their own goals but towards the common good. We need to remember that the quality of our own lives depends upon the combined efforts or all of us.