Monday, October 26, 2009

While Obama plays, American troops die

With troop morale reportedly dipping (READ), and more American troops dying (READ), we would assume that our leaders were focusing on either providing the additional troops requested by the military or getting our men and women out of harms way at any cost. We would be wrong.

While troops die, the administration is holding countless meetings which do nothing more than protect their leaders derriere. And what has the Great Uniter himself been doing besides staging White House Parties, flying around the globe and playing politics?

He's been playing golf. In fact, in less than 10 months he has already played more golf than President Bush did during the (READ).

" President Obama has already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.

President Barack Obama has only been in office for just over nine months, but he's already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.

CBS' Mark Knoller -- an unofficial documentarian and statistician of all things White House-related -- wrote on his Twitter feed that, "Today - Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office: 24."

Obama has time to travel the countryside raising campaign funds for Democrats. He has time to fly to Denmark to try and sell Chicago as a good location for the Olympics. He has time to hold White House galas honoring the arts. He has time to play golf.

Apparently though, Obama does not have time to take his job as Commander in Chief seriously.

While Obama plays, American troops are waiting to hear iof their requests for support will be honored by their Commander in Chielf (who is sitting thousands of miles away, safely our of range).

While Obama plays, American troops are dying.