Friday, April 29, 2005

It's About Liberty Rally

Minnesota - got a question for ya'll: what do you think about leftist state Senator Dean Johnson lying to you about the current concealed carry bill? Are you tired of the ilk of Sen. Johnson openly lying to the citizens of Minnesota? Are you tired of law abiding citizens being treated as no better than criminals and idiots?

May 7, 2005 will be the "It's About Liberty (pro Second Amendment) Rally" at the State Capital. The party starts at 11:30 AM and will wrap up around 2:00 PM.

If you are tired of the elitist left and cowardly state repubs taking your rights away from you, then get off of your butt and join us at the Rally.

Friday, April 22, 2005

While America Burns, Republicans Fiddle Around

The American people were told that if we would only elect enough Republican legislators to Congress, we would see significant changes including a reduction in the size of government, tax reductions, judges that would rule on law and not their own agendas, and a lot more. The Republicans were going to usher in the return of conservative principles to American government and politics. So far all we have gotten from the Republicans is even more government spending, even more government
control over our lives, even more attacks on the Christian Right, more lies and
manipulations, stalling and most obviously, a leadership cadre that at the very best resembles the Three Stooges.

In short, most Republican politicians at all levels of government, have clearly
demonstrated that they are not capable of doing anything other than to raise donations and whine about media coverage. They have also made it clear that there is
virtually no difference between Republicans and Democrats while also making it clear that they are no more conservative then Teddy Kennedy.

Republicans have spent huge amounts of time, money and energy supporting Tom DeLay and in their bungling efforts to deal with Senate filibusters. This does not, however, mean that they have not been taking care of some business. Let's take a look at just one day, April 20, 2005. This is only a partial list of the various measures that Congress brought forward on just that single day.

H.CON.RES.53 : Expressing the sense of the Congress regarding the issuance of the 500,000th design patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

H.CON.RES.134 : Expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should play a leading role in the drafting and adoption of a thematic United Nations convention that affirms the human rights and dignity of persons with disabilities, and for other purposes.

H.RES.218 : Congratulating charter schools and their students, parents,teachers, and administrators across the United States for their ongoing contributions to education, and for other purposes.

H.RES.219 : Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 6) to ensure jobs for our future with secure, affordable, and reliable energy

H.RES.222 : Supporting the goals and ideals of a National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

H.R.6 : To ensure jobs for our future with secure, affordable, and reliable energy.

H.R.1691 : To designate the Department of Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic in Appleton, Wisconsin, as the "John H. Bradley Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic".

H.R.1693 : To provide grants to eligible consortia to provide professional development to superintendents, principals, and to prospective superintendents and principals.

H.R.1694 : To authorize the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to make grants to nonprofit community organizations for the development of open space on municipally owned vacant lots in urban areas.

H.R.1695 : To establish the Northeast Regional Development Commission, and for other purposes.

H.R.1698 : To suspend temporarily the duty on certain capers preserved by vinegar or acetic acid.

H.R.1699 : To suspend temporarily the duty on certain pepperoncini prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid.

H.R.1700 : To suspend temporarily the duty on certain capers preserved by vinegar or acetic acid

H.R.1702 : To suspend temporarily the duty on certain pepperoncini prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid in concentrations less than 0.5%.

S.289 : A bill to authorize an annual appropriation of $10,000,000 for mental health courts through fiscal year 2011.

S.847 : A bill to lower the burden of gasoline prices on the economy of the United States and circumvent the efforts of OPEC to reap windfall oil profits.

S.848 : A bill to improve education, and for other purposes.

S.850 : A bill to establish the Global Health Corps, and for other purposes.

This is only a partial list folks. If you have the stomach, check out for more examples of the ongoing farce.

Wake up Republicans. You were given a golden opportunity to make a difference and all you can do is cover your own worthless derrieres. Your job security and precious party is on the verge of losing the very gains that we citizens helped you achieve. Your leadership, especially Senator Frist, is becoming a laughing stock and is clearly not able to provide any leadership except down the path of ruin.

Quit arguing about who is anti-religion and who isn't - this is a pointless, never ending argument that serves only to waste time and gloss over the reality of a government run amuck and politicians more committed to the welfare of their party than to the welfare of America and her people. But then, maybe that is what you are trying to do: hide your failures behind a smokescreen of religion.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Profiles in Cowardice: The GOP

The news that the Republicans are going on the offense must surely have the Left shaking in their designer booties. Well, maybe not.

We were told that if we would provide President Bush with a majority in both the House and Senate, wonderful things would happen. Conservative social values would be upheld, federal spending cut, the size of government reduced, taxes lowered and the borders protected. Just in case you haven't noticed, we were lied to.

Despite holding the majority, Congress has achieved almost nothing of true importance to the future of the country. They managed to pass enough pork to keep their financial backers happy but other than that, there is not one thing that we can point to and say that the Republicans are keeping their promises. Our borders are still wide open and the President and Congress is not showing any courage at all in stopping the flow of criminals across our border. The Federal government grows in
size every day as new departments such as Homeland Security are created.
Federal spending is out of control and getting worse. And the mighty Republicans are not even able -- or willing - to fix the alternative minimum tax that is negatively impacting so many middle class taxpayers for fear that the Fed will lose over a trillion dollars over the next ten years.

Perhaps the problem is that Republicans are unable to focus on more than one issue at a time. For many, many months, Frist and the do-nothing crew have fiddled around and gotten no further towards resolving this mess and now we are expected to believe that they are actually going to do something, anything at all?

Face it folks, no matter how often the Republicans blame the Left for our problems, the GOP has the majority and is doing nothing to help defeat the left. The problem is simple and obvious - the Republicans have all of the backbone of a limp noodle. About the only thing they are capable of doing is raising money and whining about the media and the Left. They are cowards and do not deserve our support.