Thursday, November 01, 2007

Minnesota Owes America an Apology

On behalf of all residents of Minnesota, especially those that live in the 5th Congressional District, I want to apologize to America for having sent Keith Ellison to Congress. Not because he is a Muslim. Not because he is a radical liberal, actually socialist is more appropriate. Rather the apology is due because Ellison is proving to be either

1. just another polpig more interested in the power of the office than in the people


2. a total idiot

Ellison claims that requiring a picture id to vote in a federal elections should be banned. In fact, the rookie lawmaker has introduced legislation the would ban the photo id requirement. "While photo IDs seem harmless, they are in fact the modern day poll tax," Ellison, Socialist-Minn., said in a statement. [READ MORE].

It is just about impossible these days to do much of anything without a picture id. Try buying cigarettes or liquor without one. Try getting a job without one. Try cashing a check without one. Heck, you can't even collect welfare without some form of positive id, preferably a photo id. This does not seem to bother the muslim congressman. But requiring a photo id before partaking in the single most important duty of citizenship just isn't important enough I guess.

Voter fraud is a serious issue. Here in Minnesota, we have the Motor Voter law which allows you to register to vote with a drivers license, a pay stub with your name and address, a tax statement or by having someone with a valid drivers license vouch for you. In other words, if you are walking and breathing on election day you can vote and probably vote as often as you'd like just by visiting different polling places.

Requiring a picture id issued by a government agency does not seem like such a hardship for anyone. The costs are small and the amount of time required to get one is negligible. Granted, you have to provide some proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate but again, that is not a major hurdle for anyone assuming they were actually born in the US.

Eliminating the photo id requirement will open the polling places to the millions of illegal aliens presently in this country. 12 million or more illegals being able to vote is a huge voting block that any polpig would give their mothers soul to capture. While the will of legal voters would be overridden, that does not matter to polpigs such as Ellison. All that counts is getting re-elected and keeping their spot at the pig trough.

I prefer to think that Ellison is not an idiot. He has had success in his life prior to politics and from available information, appears to be just another guy so we reject the 'idiot' explanation. This leaves the most obvious explanation for this measure : Ellison is just another polpig looking for a way to buy more votes so that he can hold onto his office.

We're sorry and we will do our best to keep Ellison from winning a second term.

It is out opinion that Ellison is pushing for this so that he can buy more votes without regard as to whether the voters are legal or not.