Monday, July 18, 2005

So damned tired and frustrated

As we enter the dog days of summer, the time when the heat and humidity climb and even the dogs don't want to move too much, I find myself reaching levels of frustration with the current political messes, the social engineering and the outright lies presented as news by Big Media. Trying to muster up even the slightest level of desire to write about much of what is going on is difficult at best. At times like this, a general rant seems in order.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the American Left disappear in a cloud of SUV exhaust gases. The constant hate-filled diatribes from Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, CNN, NY Times, ACLU and rest of the pack of puppies nipping at our heels have just about burned me out. Is it asking these maladjusted, bitter, neohippies to just "shut the hell up", too much to ask?

History is what history is. It is our past and it is crucial to record and teach history accurately if we are to learn from our past successes and failures. The Left however, believes that history needs to be rewritten to suit their political agendas. The only role for political correctness in history is as a dark footnote as yet another failed attempt by the Left to mold America to their socialist vision. "Leave our history alone." Many of us are proud of our history, even with the flaws.

I am sick and tired of the Left labeling anyone who wants to stop the surge of illegal criminal aliens across our border with Mexico, a racist. This is no more racist then wanting to stop a thief of color from breaking into your home. Close the border. Round up and get rid of all illegal criminal aliens. Then and only then consider a limited guest worker program.

The great "Karl Rove Controversy" is currently the biggest non-issue of the summer. Come on folks, take the time to look at the facts, see that this is nothing but another Leftist smokescreen designed to hide their attempts to further corrupt our government.

I am sick and tired of Leftist pollpigs launching attacks dripping with hate and venom. Please, someone put a muzzle on Peluso, Kennedy, Dean et. al.

Given my choice of a Christian theocracy or a secular bureaucracy, I'll go with the theocracy ever time. Life requires a strong moral and ethical grounding. This grounding is a product of our beliefs and faith. I am not at all willing to except morals and ethics being established by a government made up of lying politicians and bureaucrats or dictate by the "me-first" neohippies of the Left.

The economy is going great and has been doing so for nine straight quarters. Come on Big Media - how about reporting the truth without first applying your liberal filters?

American is a the greatest nation in the world. We are the largest source of charitable donations to the rest of the world. We have shed the blood of our young warriors to defend freedom loving people across the globe. We have flaws but even the flaws are outweighed by the good. I really do wish the Left would quit blaming America for every ill known to mankind. Quit apologizing for things that happened decades or even centuries ago. If you really think America is such a bad country, please do not let the door hit you on the ass as you leave.

The leading lights of Babylon, aka Hollyweird, seems to think that making a movie qualifies them to be a political activist when the truth is that many of them have the intellectual abilities of a sack of hammers. Please, just stick to making movies and quit trying to be political leaders.

We are capable of great and wonderful achievements. The Good Lord has blessed us all with gifts and skills that if used together, in faith and with committment, can make the world an ever improving place to live. As long as we allow the Left to dominate the conversation, flood the airwaves with garbage and control the political process, the potential for greatness will never be realized.

Folks, let's do ourselves a big favor and ignore the rants of the Left. Let's stop buying liberal newspapers. Turn off CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the alphabet gang. Take some time to find good things to enjoy and celebrate together.

Things like listening to baseball on a small transistor radio while smoking a cigar on a fine summers eve. Like sharing Lance Armstrong's heroic attempt to further his conquest of cancer by winning a seventh Tour de France. Like the sweet, intoxicating scent of puppy breath. Like playing with your kids or taking a long walk with the one you love. Like being free to kneel in worship in the way that you want to. Like living in the greatest nation ever to exist.

Enjoy the dog days of summer folks. Forget the media and political bovine excrement. Take time to refresh and renew your faith and your family ties.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Time To Stock Up

Minnesota cigarette smokers are likely to be paying an additional 75 cents per pack TAX as soon as Wednesday, July, 13, 2005. This new TAX is intended to raise additional revenue for the state government to waste.

While it would appear that cigarette smokers have no recourse until the next elections, the fact is that we do have actions that we can take now and throughout the 14 months or so until the Clowns stand for election again.

For starters, stock up on smokes before the TAX goes into effect. As it looks right now, you will need to stock up by Tuesday night, July 12, 2005. The quickest way to send a message to spend-happy politicians is to take money away from them. By stocking up prior to the TAX going into effect, we will take some amount of the anticipated revenue. I have no idea how much of a financial impact this would cause but it is guaranteed that any dip in the TAX collections will be notice by state bean counters.

Once the TAX is in effect, there are other actions we can take. For instance, buy your smokes over the internet. If you live near the border, buy you smokes in a neighboring state. Live close to an Indian reservation? Buy your smokes there. And if you've been planning on quitting, do it now.

There are only two ways to get through to a politician. The first is to unelect them. The second is to take money away from them and reduce their ability to buy votes. Timidly sitting by and whining does nothing but invite more TAXES. For too long, cigarette smokers here in Minnesota as well as across the nation, have stood by while one government unit after another have removed our choices and our liberties with smoking bans even though smoking cigarette is perfectly legal everywhere in the U.S. We have complained. We have protested. We have whined and cried but we have also re-elected the same clowns who screwed us.

Nonsmokers had best remove their heads from their derrieres and realize that the never-ending government appetite for additional revenues to toss around is going to spread. Once the tobacco revenue is no longer enough to please the politicians, they will have to turn to other revenue sources and nonsmokers, that very well could be you. How will you feel if the next target is fast food or health club memberships or new fees (TAXES) for the use of state parks or increased income taxes or, well you get the idea. Some day your ox is the one that will be gored unless you stand up now and help smokers protect their rights now.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Song, A Dance, Some Seltzer In The Pants

Step right up folks to Minnesota's number one circus : The State Legislature. Bring the kiddies and watch as the Governor, Senate Sad Sacks and House Bozo's sing a song, do a dance and spray seltzer down your pants. But be sure to hurry before the annual celebration of waste, greed and stupidity takes down the tents for the year and skips town.

That's right folks, our Governor and Legislative leaders have announced that they had reached a deal to solve the budget impasse and end the shutdown of state government. After several months of haggling, including a prolonged semi-regular 'special session', our elected worthies have finally put together a package that they think is fairly good. The deal includes $800 million in new spending to public schools, preserve MinnesotaCare health insurance for everyone who's currently eligible and create a new tobacco TAX - 75 cents on a pack of cigarettes - as the major new source of revenue. Also provided is $78 million to encourage performance-based pay raises for teachers and removal of the $5,000 cap on outpatient treatment for MinnesotaCare recipients. Such a deal ...

Of course, there does not appear anything in this deal to fix the problem that led to the shortfall in the first place: spending more than we had. Rather than live within the money currently confiscated from state residents and businesses, the Clowns have decided to pay for a solution by screwing cigarette smokers. As for the new education money, most will be going to pay teachers as either salary increases or to cover the costs of benefits. At a time when many working families are without insurance or grossly underinsured due to the ridiculously high premium costs, the Clowns have made sure that those who are getting a free ride, continue to ride for free. And the so-called government shutdown, which actually was less than 1 in 5 employees considered non-essential and was not even noticed by the majority of Minnesota residents, will return the non-essential employees to their taxpayer funded non-essential jobs.

No long term solution to overspending. A one-time cash infusion which will be spent completely and will need to be covered in future budgets. More tax dollars thrown at an education system that can not even account for the billions of dollars it has already received. You bet - that sure sounds like a great deal to me (sarcasm intended).

Why do our elected officials believe that taxpayers will think that this budget busting deal is a good deal? Could it be because we huff and puff and promise to kick the Clowns out of office but humbly crawl into the election booth, our tails between our legs, and return the Clowns to office time after time after time? Could it be that they think we are so stupid that we will forget this sellout by the time elections roll around? Maybe it is simple that they do not care what the majority of Minnesota taxpayers think as long as their special constituencies are happy?

Maybe they really believe that the 25% of the state population that smokes cigarettes are going to cheerfully line up to pay the new TAX and will vote them back into office out of gratitude?

Since nothing was done to fix the root cause of the budget shortfall, overspending, they will need to find a new group of taxpayers to rape in the next budget cycle. If we do not remove these Clowns from office in 2006, the odds on favorite will be the so called "rich". Perhaps they will add a new fee, excuse me, that should be TAX, to fast food claiming that such a TAX will not only raise revenue but will help to protect us from our own bad eating habits. A special tax on the living for the consumption of oxygen is always a possibility as is a tax on the dead for the use of ground space.

What is certain that as long as voters in this state continue to vote the party ticket and return to office the same folks who are raping us now, things will never get any better. It will be no different then leaving the door to the hen house open and inviting the fox back in to kill without fear of the shotgun.

It is also certain that as long as the teachers unions are able to convince softheaded voters that higher teacher salaries and benefits directly translates into better education, things will never get any better. Face it folks, teachers are normal humans just like the rest of us. They are not demigods nor are they evil demons. They are just as powerless to control their own union as the rest of the us. We need to take emotion out of the discussion and demand a thorough accounting for every one of the billions of dollars we throw at public education each and every year.

If nothing else, this deal is going to give those enterprising souls with creative minds ample opportunity to make a fortune on black market cigarettes. Sales of tobacco products in border states such as Wisconsin and on Indian reservations should also see significant upturns.

Yes, folks, our high priced, high spending Circus is about to bring the current season to an end. It remains to be seen if the taxpayers who have to pay for their free spending are finally going to show enough courage to abandon party voting and toss the bums out of office.

Friday, July 08, 2005

America's Enemies: Political Parties

The words of our first President, George Washington, regarding political parties, is very appropriate for our times.

"Political parties (factions) are a source of corrupting evil, perhaps the greatest threat our new nation faces. Government leaders must be elected on their reputations for disinterested public service … [they] must pursue no partisan program ... [their] only aim should be for the good of the nation as a whole."

The truth of Washington's warnings are obvious to one and all. Perhaps no better real life example can be found than in the U. S. Senate where party loyalty is considered a virtue and loyalty to America is non-existent. The leftists, aka liberals or progressives, vote the way the Democratic party tells them they should. The other side of the aisle is controlled by the Republican party where voting in lockstep is just as common as on the Democratic side.

The major political parties have become sources of corruption, deceit and moneygrubbing antics. Neither party really cares about America as she was intended to be nor do they really give a damn about the American people. All they care about is power - obtaining and keeping it.

For those of us who routinely vote based upon party affiliation or because our union told us to vote for a particular party, we are getting just what we asked for. Politicians who can not tell the whole, simple truth. Politicians who spend more time raising money for their campaigns then they do tending to the nations business. Politicians who vote the party line and not the way the majority of people demand.

While the Supreme Court has destroyed the concept of ownership of private property, our elected representatives have done absolutely nothing to firmly reinstate this basic right. They have, however, worried profusely and publicly over the comfort of the murdering terrorists being held at Gitmo.

While the backlog in the Federal courts system has grown, our elected officials have done almost nothing to ease the situation by actually granting a YES/NO vote to appointees. They have, however, not failed to attend countless fund raisers for their political parties.

While our borders crossed by thousands of illegal criminal aliens weekly, Congress has done nothing. While the majority of the American people have demanded a crackdown of the flow of illegal criminal aliens, what we have received is more posturing and lies all organized along strict political party lines.

Of all of the internal problems facing our great nation, none is more serious that then power and corruption of the political parties and their allies. This is the single most significant reason that common sense measures designed to deal with our problems are impossible to achieve. When a politician's loyalty is to their political party and not to America, it is impossible for the American Dream to exist. Allowed to continue in this manner, our nation will crumble and fall without a shot ever having been fired.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hey Al, It Ain't America's Fault

Dear Al Franken

Al baby, unlike you I do not delude myself into thinking that I am talking on behalf of the less enlightened multitude. I can only speak for me, if any one else agrees, that's nice but not necessary.

Al, you must be a product of the public school system. Your lack of knowledge and facts regarding terrorism, Iraq, in fact much of what you prattle on about is simple amazing. Your discussion with the Boston Globe's Thomas Oliphant, another self-proclaimed intellectual, during your radio show today made it obvious that your education has some glaring gaps. [READ].

Islamofascist terrorists have made attacks against America and American interests long before George Bush became president. Perhaps you have forgotten the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the murder of our Marines in Beirut and the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, just to list a few incidents? Perhaps you have forgotten that the 9/11 attacks on the WTC happened long before we attacked Iraq and successfully removed a tyrant responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his own citizens? Perhaps Saddam's attempt to assassinate the first President Bush has slipped your addled mind?

No Al baby, America is not to blame for terrorism or the attacks by the murderers in London. The islamofascists are responsible. The people who's only goal is to destroy Christianity and Judaism are responsible. The killers hiding behind hoods are responsible.

Get over it Al, you guys lost in 2000 and again in 2004. Bush is not the anti-Christ and America is not to blame for the world's problems.

London Attacked

Reports from London are starting to come in indicating that multiple bombs were exploded against civilian transportation targets. To be honest, the reports are rather jumbled right now: how many attacks, how many bombs, how many dead and injured are all being reported differently by various sources (Fox, SkyNews, BBC, Scotland Yard).

Rather than add to the current confusion, we are going to report only that multiple attacks have happened and that full details will be available once the situation stabilizes.

Most importantly, we want to tell the wonderful people of London and the UK that our hearts and prayers go out to them. We are praying for your welfare and safety. We admire your strength and calmness at this time of crisis. Regardless of what transpires between government, please know that the American people stand behind you, are praying for you and will work together with you to track down and destroy the terrorists responsible for these attacks upon innocent civilians.

Times such as these provide a clear and stark difference between the courage, strength and compassion of those attacked and the cowardice and lunacy of the attackers. It takes no courage to kill innocent civilians and to attempt to generate panic and terror amongst unarmed and defenseless men, women and children. These are the actions of cowards and rabid animals.

In the coming days we will hear countless claims and counter claims. We undoubtedly will see masked cowards claiming credit but afraid to identify themselves. We will hear demands that have no realistic chance of ever being taken seriously. We will hear stories of courage amongst the survivors and emergency response teams. And hopefully, we will hear that those responsible for these attacks and murders have themselves been tracked down and eliminated with extreme prejudice.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Politics As Usual Must End NOW

"For a while last week, the Democrats were doing better at framing the issues. The poll numbers showed that Bush's approval rating was down, that around 60% of the voters had turned against the Iraq War, that support for Bush on his handling of 911 and terrorism was lower, but still pretty high."
---George Lakoff [Source].

While we are hardly George Bush supporters, we find the efforts of the leftist Democrats to "frame the issues" by discrediting the President to be distasteful, dishonest and completely contrary to the principles upon which America was formed. To attack the man and try to destroy his effectiveness to lead this great nation is not, in our minds, the way to "frame issues". Nor is it in any way, shape or form the actions of someone who we would trust to lead a pack of neo-hippies in singing "Kumbya" much less lead the most powerful nation in the world.

The citizens of this country deserve political leaders who place the welfare of Our Nation above the petty concerns of political parties. We deserve leaders who make decisions based upon what is right or wrong and not such that they further the goals of their political party.

What we have now is a gang of clowns who spend their time, and our tax dollars, manipulating situations to further their personal and party agendas regardless of whether it hurts the nation or not. Be they a Republican, Democrat, conservative, neo-con, moderate or liberal (aka progressive), with few exceptions, they are nothing more than carpetbaggers in expensive suits living off of the sweat and labor of the taxpayers. For the Congressional Clowns, telling the truth means telling only partial lies and twisting the language to meet their purposes.

Instead of offering viable alternatives, the Congressional Clowns attack and attempt to destroy their opponent's ability to govern and lead. This is what passes for political debate, especially amongst the leftists in Congress (Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Byrd, et. al.). Sitting in a world isolated from real people and real concerns, these clowns and puppets act as if this country is their own personal play thing to do with as they please. Rather than taking time away from soliciting donations like any whore of the street corner, they pass massive packages of law without even bothering to read the bill before voting as was the case with the Patriot Act. They insert themselves into matters that are none of their business simply to garner some free publicity as in the Terry Schiavo. They accuse each other of any number of improper
acts while suck up all of the payola they run across (see the Congressional travel records).

Twice before in our history, we went to war to toss off imperialistic rulers. The first time was to get rid of King George, the second was the attempt by the southern states to recapture states rights leading to the Civil War. It is time for the third revolution. It is time that we band together and use our voices and votes to toss the Congressional Clowns out of office, to demand term limits for all government officials and to install leaders who will respond first and foremost to the needs of the nation and not to the needs of a political party.

As we celebrate the birth of this nation July 4th, please take a moment to think about things. Think about the blood that was shed to build this nation. Think about the brave men and women who forged America out of a wilderness. Think about what you want for your children. Most of all think about what you can do to reclaim America for her people.