Friday, April 28, 2006

Senate Majority Leaders Survey

Undoubtedly, some of you have received the "Senate Majority Leader's Survey", a thinly veiled fund raising effort. The survey contains several questions with tailored answers and concludes with both hands reaching deep into your pocket. A careful reading of the document males it clear that the only response that will be read is the one regarding how much loot they have extracted from you.

Since we do not support any political party nor will we ever donate a single penny to any member of either the Republican or Democratic parties, there is no sense in sending in my survey. But I would still like to pass my opinion on to the Senator and his cronies.

For starters, maintaining a Republican majority in Congress is a waste of time. All we the people have gained from the current majority is the continuing erosion of individual freedom and local government control and a massive increase in spending for pork projects. The truth is that it does not matter which party controls Congress - both sides live only for their own power and make it happen by robbing the taxpayer blind.

The primary issue today is not maintaining Republican control of Congress Senator Frist - it is making Congress respond to the will of the majority of the American citizens. For instance, the overwhelming majority of American citizens oppose any form of amnesty for illegal criminal aliens and yet Congress continues to attempt to shove amnesty down our throats.

Next come taxes. The Republicans currently hold the majority in both Houses and yet can not make the last round of cuts permanent. This is just one more issue where the majority has been ineffective if not downright cowardly. Use the majority you currently have to make the tax cuts permanent and you will gain support from people, it really is that simple.

One final point, Senator Frist, you, your President and your party have acted in the most cowardly fashion imaginable. You have betrayed the trust the voters placed in you and done your level best to give away this country to anyone who will support your re-election. You have betrayed your oaths of office and have turned your back on our Christian beliefs. You are not worthy of the office that you hold. Were any of you, regardless of your party, people of true character, you would resign and go home in disgrace never again darkening our collective doorways.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

History and Illegal Immigration

History, if left unrevised, teaches us many lessons. Even the current 'flap' over illegal immigrants is not really new. In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt addressed a similar problem with these words:

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American! There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

President Bush, the entire Congress and the yapping lapdogs of the national media need to spend some time doing a bit of reading of history. They need to understand what this country is really about. They need to understand that this is a nation of free people, of people committed to building a life for themselves and their loved ones without interference from the government or self-appointed do-gooders. It is a nation built by a people who had a strong personal relationship with our Creator, who put their faith in the Lord and worked as a united people for a bright future.

While it is true that we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws. That includes laws that govern immigration. These laws were put into place not only to protect our borders and values, but to provide protection for legal immigrants. Our doors have always been open to legal immigrants but no we are being told that this is not enough, that we must accept millions of illegal immigrants. While our forebearers came in the the front door legally, we are told that we must welcome those who choose to sneak in the back door under the cover of night just like any common thief in the night.

Greedy business owners and well intended but apparently braindead liberals tell us that these illegal immigrants only take the jobs that Americans won't do. What we are not told is why these jobs go unfilled in the first place : substandard wages. The ugly truth is that businesses are using illegal workers so that they do not have to pay even so much as the legal minimum wage.

Leftist and Hispanic activists tell us that we are racists for no other reason than because we want these immigrants to follow the same laws every other generation of new Americans have followed.

[CLICK HERE] to see how Mexico treats illegal immigrants and then tell me who are the real hate-filled racists.

Well, this is one American that is sick and tired of the rhetoric, the lies, the misleading claims and posturing by pampered political elites. I am not a racist nor an I anti-immigration as long as it is done legally. I am not an idiot who can not see the truth behind the words and actions of Congress.

And I will not forget.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Why I'm Done With Political Parties, Especially the RNC

The Founding Fathers warned America against political parties as opportunistic and selfish organizations. True patriots cannot exist in political parties and remain patriots to both their country and their party. Their parties won't allow it. After registering and working as a grass-roots Republican for the last 15 years I now know why. I can no longer ignore how political parties control their members to obtain absolute power while selling the lie that they're fighting for the party's platform and the wishes of the rank and file membership. A political party exists solely for the sake of the party itself. In that key respect every party is the same in the end.

I first worked as a Reagan Republican to stop the liberal tax-and-spend appeasement steamroller that the DNC had become after the Nixon/McGovern election battle. They wanted to surrender the Cold War to the Communists as proven by their efforts to sabotage support for the Vietnam war and finally bring about the pull-out/retreat. Like FDR and Truman before them they believed that Communists would and should control the world. (FDR admitted to Stalin that he believed the U.S. would have the same form of government as the USSR eventually. President Truman deliberately kept General McArthur from winning the Korean war to maintain the Communist stronghold in Asia under the guise that McArthur wanted to start World War III by entering China. Decoded Venona Project transmissions prove that both presidents knew of and tolerated Soviet spys in their administrations.) On the other hand the Republicans opposed Communism completely and supported the Vietnam effort while favoring minimal government and taxes. The battle lines were clear between the good (free capitalism) and the bad (tyrannical communism).

During Reagan's two terms the Cold War was ended, interest rates were brought under control, taxes were slashed while Federal revenues almost doubled, and America regained its self-respect after the disasterous (I'd argue traitorous) Carter Administration. We were on course to eliminate the national debt and rebuilding a strong defense. Only two serious obstacles remained in politics for the Republicans to deal with: a renegade Supreme Court that worked to undermine religion and promote abortion, and the spending wrought by the Democrat-controlled Congress that broke its fiscal-restraint promise to Reagan and put us back into debt. I assumed that we'd take care of those soon and life would be good.

I was happy and confident with the Party, but I had some nagging doubts as well. Why had Reagan who worked harder than anyone to defend us from Communism pushed for and got an amnesty for illegal aliens instead of securing our borders? Why had the Iran-Contra affair taken place amongst those supposedly so dedicated to truth, minimal government, and a professional military? Why was the majority of the Republican Party happy to be pulled along on Reagan's coattails, yet do nothing to help cut government or implement the rest of the party platform on their own? Why did the party do virtually nothing to fight the rise of political correctness in education and our culture as a whole? The obvious answer and therefore danger was that Reagan was an anomaly in the party, and that the party only supported him
because it was politically expedient. Only years later would I figure out the truth that the vast majority of the party didn't give a damn about it's own platform.

Fast forward to 1994 when I regained some hope. The scandals that plagued President Clinton's personal life and administration gave the Contract With America a chance to succeed. Finally, after 50 years of being crushed by the Democrats in Congressional elections and sessions, Republicans won back control. Now they could do everything they had claimed they couldn't for decades because of the Democrat-controlled Congress. Brandishing the swords of term limits, fiscal restraint, smaller government and a Republican New Deal, fresh party faces flooded into Congress. Surely a Republican victory for the platform was at hand. We even had an alternate media in talk radio to get the message out around the Democrat-voting media elites. Who knows?
We might even get the Supreme Court back on track.

But, within two years the brave new soldiers of the Contract With America had run their course and began to seek peace with the opposition. Newt Gingrich embraced a blend of socialism and capitalism known as "third-way" economics, code for socialism lite under a world government of businesses. Term limits suddenly became a poor idea for those who realized power was really nice to have. Spending began to escalate again under _Republican_ watch. The unelected party membership cried out in protest. "But wait," the new soldiers moaned, "If only we had a Republican President we could
actually implement the party platform." Such a self admission that the party was too weak or stupid to do anything without a complete monopoly on power was devastating to hear. Once again the party membership shrugged it's shoulders and waited for another Reagan to lead us out of the spineless darkness descending on the party.

Finally in 2000, President Bush completed the picture begged for by the Republicans in Congress. Surely now with a Republican President the platform could be implemented? The borders would now be controlled, Illegals deported, taxes permanently lowered, and on and on, right? No. Almost immediately after taking office President Bush called for an illegal alien amnesty with no border enforcement. He verbally kneeled before President Fox in Mexico and pledged himself to Fox's service. The President then created the biggest expansion of the federal government into education completely against the Founders recommendations and the Constitution. It's called No Child Left Behind. Even worse, he did so by capitulating with the biggest
enemy of the party, Senator Ted Kennedy, who immediately disowned the new law as not being socialist (funded) enough. Fortunately, the controversy over the 2000 elections kept President Bush from being too cocky. God knows what he'd have done if he'd won in a landslide and felt unstoppable. Meanwhile the Republican majority began spending at an unprecedented rate and completely abandoned the clear guidelines of the party platform. It's been scary to hear the Democrats voicing concerns over deficit spending and knowing that they are justified in being alarmed by what the Republicans
have been doing.

In the elections of 2004, re-worked "moderate" Democrats from the late 1960's were reborn as the new face of the Republican Party. The Norm Colemans, Tim Pawlentys and many other such slick models strode from the RNC election factory with shiny new plastic faces, expensive suits, and voice boxes spewing platitudes about how they really believed in the party platform, but now the times are a-changing and it was unpragmatic to stick too closely to the platform. Running on environmentally friendly
socialism-lite, these models rapidly became popular like prettied-up Frankenstein dolls. Only too late did the party rank and file realize what they'd paid for and brought home monsters with them. Senator Coleman votes consistently against any sort of immigration reform stopping just shy of suggesting the border be completely opened. Governor Pawlenty champions total state control of children from birth to twelfth grade through completely subjective "mental health" screenings where parents must let the state determine if their child is mentally "fit" for society at tax payer expense. Companies needing cheap exploitable workers and pharmaceutical
companies stand quietly in the shadows and grin.

Now well into his second term with a much less contested election, a cockier President Bush is pushing even more of his unsupported and anti-American agenda. He tells 85% of Americans to "tone down" (shut up) about illegal immigration and mind their place while reassuring President Fox he's still on his team. The President has yet to veto one bill of _any_ kind from _anyone_ in over five years of office. He continues to drool after Senator Kennedy who rewards him with scorn and political knives in the back. Either the President is as stupid as his detractors say, or he has an agenda that has nothing to do with the Constitution or the party platform. It's very obvious that President Bush fell off the party platform long ago (if he was
ever really on board) along with his administration. He's a new-age third-way economic globalist like his father before him. He is the classic Republican in name only (RINO).

In light of history and current events I can no longer ignore the festering issues with political parties. Elected Republicans as a whole consistently fail miserably when it comes to standing up for the platform, the electorate, principle and the country's sovereignty. The RNC is the ultimate geek kid who finally gets a kiss from a girl and then thinks they're a sexual stud in everyone's eyes. However, as soon as the girl says it was a bad kiss the geek runs from the media spotlight and the political arena proving they don't have the pucker power they claimed to have had. America's is now faced with two major party choices: an RNC of politically incompetent and disengenuos geeks who talk big and succeed little at implementing the
party platform, and a DNC whose goal is a benevolent dictatorship of politically correct socialism ruled by left-wing elites. All of the other choices are too small and impotent to have any major influence on American politics making them irrelevant. The Founders warning has come true and now I understand and appreciate their wisdom even more than before. Therefore, I'll adopt their wisdom and abandon all alleigence to _any_ party with no regrets. I'll also be a better patriot for doing so.

I'll finish my current tour of duty as a Republican delegate this election, then I'll register as an independent. From now on I'll support only specific candidates and will donate funds directly to them accordingly. No more RNC. No more DNC. No more party XYZ. Just support for the lesser evil running for each open seat regardless of party.

When it comes to politics, the party is over as far as I'm concerned.

American Iron